2023 – 2033 As Visit Nepal Decade

2023 – 2033 As Visit Nepal Decade

The Government of Nepal had declared 2020 as the Tourism Year. However, the Covid Pandemic halted the plan. Two years of continuous lockdown badly affected the tourism industry of Nepal. Foreign Employment Remittance and Tourism Industry are two major sources of National Income for Nepal. Those two years were probably the worst phase of the modern Nepalese tourism industry after the decade-long civil war. Lots of people lost their jobs. Countless teahouses, lodges, restaurants, and travel agencies shut down their operations. It was indeed a chaotic situation. All the plans for the Tourism Year went in vain. As part of the Government’s TOURISM REVIVAL PLAN, the Nepal Government has declared 2023 – 2033 as VISIT NEPAL DECADE.

History of Tourism in Nepal

Nepal opened its door to the world during the 90s. The lack of proper transportation, accommodation, and food facilities delayed the progress of the Tourism industry. The type of tourists visiting Nepal were mainly Hippies. Therefore, this phase of Nepalese Tourism is also called the Hippies era. Marijuana, Cannabis, and Opium were legal. People traveled from across the globe as a drifter to this country.

As time passed by, Nepal’s political system too changed from a direct king’s rule to a multi-party democratic system.


The newly formed democratic government introduced the VISIT NEPAL 98. Thus, started the formal tourism industry in Nepal. The campaign was a huge success. The major objectives of this campaign were to increase the level of products and services. For better Tourism, you need to have 4 A’s (Attractions, Accessibility, Accommodation & Catering, and Amenities). Attractions are ever present in Nepal. Therefore, VISIT NEPAL 98 aimed at upgrading the airports, eco-friendly travel measures/products, improving infrastructure, and achieving sustainable tourism.

Everest Base Camp Trek 2023

Travelers from across the globe started to know about Nepal. The Tourism Sector was booming. Unfortunately, the Maoists-led Civil War started in Nepal.

After nearly 12 years, the Nepal Government again celebrated the Nepal Tourism Year 2011. It was also a huge success. The campaign was aimed at doing proper marketing of the products and services of Nepal to the world. Nepal Tourism Board also started the slogan “Naturally Nepal Once is not Enough”.

Nepal Tourism Year 2011

After lots of consultation and suggestions from Nepalese Tourism entrepreneurs, Nepal Government declared NEPAL TOURISM YEAR 2011 campaign. The announcement reflects the recognition of Tourism as the major pillar of the Nepalese Economy. All the stakeholders vowed to upgrade the image of Nepal as the best holiday destination. The country is safe, affordable, and pleasant. The splendid Himalayas, multiethnic culture, diverse landscape, and vegetation remarkably prove the slogan of Nepalese Tourism “Naturally Nepal, Once is not Enough”.

For decades, the Tourism Industry of Nepal operated on an ad-hoc basis. Manual marketing changed into digital marketing. Lots of tourism academies are opened. People are starting to take serious note of hospitality and services. Therefore, to take the industry to next level, Nepal Government again declared the VISIT NEPAL 2020 plans. Ironically, the COVID Pandemic hit hard. The plan got postponed.


Since 24th March 2020, the nation went on complete lockdown. There were no international flights. The inbound tourists were null. Therefore, tourism activities came to a complete standstill. The nation suffered a huge loss in revenue. VISIT NEPAL 2020 plan got canceled. For two years, the nation didn’t have any substantial tourism activities.

2022 – Bringing the Hope

The year 2022 has seen lots of tourists arrive. In October 2022 alone Nepal welcomed 80 thousand travelers. As people often say that morning shows the day, the year 2023 looks promising. No wonder, Nepal Government is also looking to make it the most significant year in the field of Nepalese Tourism.

2023 – 2033 as VISIT NEPAL DECADE

In July 2022 Nepal Government announced 2023 – 2033 as NEPAL TOURISM DECADE. Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation Minister Jeevanram Shrestha announced the plan. The major reason behind the start of this campaign is to revive the Tourism industry of Nepal.

Culture Tour in Nepal

The COVID Pandemic severely affected the tourism business. To bring back tourism to its original state with further upgrades, the plan functions. The tourism revitalization plan announced various schemes.

The discount on annual license and registration fee for tourism business is the first action. It motivated travel operators to restart the closed business. Two new International Airports were built and one is already in operation. The Gautam Buddha International Airport has already started its operations. Moreover, the scheme includes making Nepal the foreign movies’ shooting destination.

Lots of mountains are open for peak climbing activities. Preparation has been done to initiate the night market and tourism in Kathmandu Valley. It includes the night walking tours in UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and Kirtipur. Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRN) also combined hands with the government by initiating “ONE NEPALI ONE FOREIGN FRIEND”. Thus, the plan for the VISIT NEPAL DECADE is going in full swing. The Tourism business operators are feeling hopeful.

2023 – 2033 as VISIT NEPAL DECADE – Beneficial to both Tourism Operators and Tourists

The plan is surely the positive efforts made by the Government for the revival of the dying Nepalese Tourism industry. There are numerous discounts and concession plans. These policies will create the best platform for both operators and travelers. Operators can run their businesses hassle-free and travelers can also get the best travel deals.

As a tourism operator, Nepal High Trek & Expedition would like to request all travelers across the globe to utilize this phase. Book the trekking or tour in Nepal for 2023 and beyond. As there is a saying about the early bird catching the worm, you will surely get the outstanding package.

Lots of new mountains are opened for peak climbing. New trekking routes are opened. Moreover, the existing trails are also in line for the upgrade. Therefore, it is an ideal time for travelers to book a trip to Nepal.

Why you should travel to Nepal once a time in your life?

Nepal is a tiny country in the globe but it’s a peace of heaven. There are a lot of charming natural and multicultural elements that can explore by travelers. Moreover, this country is called the Himalayan, and while 8 thousand high mountains with massive Himalayas. The country is the global trademark as well the Everest is a major attraction of Nepal’s Tourism Sector. Probably, the Everest Base Camp trail is the world’s iconic and preferred adventure destination. Besides, numerous adventure destinations as well Annapurna region, Langtang region, Manaslu region, and many more.

Fellow travelers, help us successfully build sustainable tourism in Nepal. Let’s make 2023 – 2033 as VISIT NEPAL DECADE a grand success.

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