A Complete Annapurna Trekking Guide

A Complete Annapurna Trekking Guide

A complete Annapurna Trekking Guide, an interesting way to gather full information for travelers, to plan your adventure holiday. Annapurna Himalaya with a massive range of peaks, one of the most scenic destinations in all Himalayas. Where one can enjoy glorious moments in the close shadow of the dramatic scenery of beautiful landscapes with high towering peaks.

Annapurna Himalaya offers boundless opportunities for interested trekkers and adventurers, from leisure hikes to moderate walks for few days. Interested trekkers can extend the adventure for a week or more to a month, exploring the best of the Annapurna region. Annapurna Himalaya famous and most popular traveled region, regarded as the world’s top ten adventure destination, due to its amazing location. Located Nepal Mid-West, where all treks and various adventure around Annapurna Himalaya begins and ends at beautiful Pokhara city. About 220 k.m distance from Kathmandu a drive of 5-6 hours and 30 minutes by air.

Pokhara a picturesque city, set on a green valley surround by tiers of hills dotted with farm villages. In the close shadow of the great Annapurna Himalaya with majestic Machhapuchare Himal the famous Fish-Tail peak. Pokhara a renowned tourist destination due to its beautiful landscapes and serene lakes, one of the charming places in Nepal.  A complete Annapurna Trekking Guide, provides great places of interest from local culture, flora/fauna to its scenic views. Annapurna Himalaya has so much to offer for visitors from short moderate to adventurous treks.

Important to know of Annapurna Himalaya:

Most people around the world are unaware that, it is the first 8,000 meters mountain climbed in the history of mountaineering. The main peak Mt. Annapurna-I listed as the world’s 10th highest at 8,091 m and 26, 545 feet high. First ascent by French Expedition on June 3rd, 1950, which was three years before Mt. Everest was conquered.

Annapurna Himalayas with Machhapuchhre

Annapurna Himalaya a vast range where trekkers can spend a day to a week, taking a short or longer circuit. Fascinating about Annapurna Himalaya, where trekkers can walk with a choice of various alternative routes from the start to an end. Annapurna Himalaya, where trekkers can feel safe from the rise of altitude gain although it involves climb and downhill walks. More or less it leads to an enjoyable scenic country with ever-present views of towering snow-clad peaks.

Culture and Religions:

Besides stunning scenery, the hill and mountain villages are equally captivating and impressive to experience. Around the Annapurna Himalaya region, trekkers will witness various cultures a blend of Hindu and Buddhism culture. The southern hills and valleys below 2, 000 meters are heavily cultivated with farmed terraces growing seasonal staple crops. As you reach higher cooler high hills rice paddies give away for millet, corn, barley, and wheat.

The economy of the hill and mountain village community has traditionally been heavily based on farming and livestock herding. Over the year influx of foreign trekkers, villages around major trekking routes, the economy today is becoming dependent on tourism. Around lower areas and mid-hills villages, trekkers will come across both Hindu and Buddhism religions. As adventure takes you towards high hills and mountainous regions witness more Buddhism and impressive cultural villages.

Gurung the indigenous people are the main large hill tribes around Southern Annapurna interwoven to Buddhism, along with ancestral cult. Every Gurung house on route adorned with Buddhism prayer flags, the menfolk are famous as gallantry Gorkha soldiers. The Northern areas of Annapurna are highly populated by Buddhism, one can enjoy a walk following a nice trail festooned with prayer monuments.

Necessary permits required for Annapurna Trekking Region:

While planning for any treks around the Annapurna region, foreign visitors need a trekking permit, known as TIMS (Trekking Information Management Systems). Which can be obtained from TAAN (Trekking Agent Association of Nepal), includes entry fees for ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project). Necessary permits will be arranged by your local agents, for individual trekkers or FIT can get in Kathmandu or Pokhara.

Various Destination to choose: 

Annapurna Himalaya a massive range of mountains, that extends close to Mt. Dhaulagiri in the Far West. Along with Lamjung and Manaslu Himal towards the east, where trekkers can choose from short to long duration treks.  

Ghorepani Poon Hill Hike:

The Ghorepani Poon Hill is the most popular trek in all Himalayas, a short moderate adventure of 3-4 days starts and ends at Pokhara. The main highlights are beautiful rhododendron forest and alluring scenery of snow peaks with stunning sunrise views from Poon Hill. Includes incredible panorama of the world’s three highest mountain ranges like Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Manaslu, and Mt. Annapurna with majestic Machhapuchare Himal. The highest point on this trek is 3, 210 m just an hour hike uphill from Ghorepani overnight stop.

Poon Hill Viewpoint 3210m

A Spectacular Annapurna Base Camp:

Another popular journey and a favorite destination among all trekkers, one of the shortest and most accessible base camp treks. Where walk takes you right in the heart of Annapurna Himalayas at the picturesque sanctuary and Base Camp.

A wonderful walk with a taste of all from low sub-tropical to cooler green hills, then ending at the arctic zone. An altitude-friendly trek where elevation gains at a slow pace, reaching maximum height 4,130 m high. The only 8,000 m base camp, where trekkers can find the comfort of a nice cozy lodge with rooms facing amazing views.

Mardi Himal Base Camp:

Mardi Himal a perfect trek for people with an interest to be away from the main flow of trekkers. This trek offers exciting adventure takes you to the absolute wilderness, beyond villages, and from the busy trail. The walk takes you from the least frequented areas of Annapurna Himalaya to the base of Mardi Himal, located beneath Machhapuchare Himal. The Mardi Himal region less disturbed area, but slowly gaining popularity among travelers due to its serene and tranquil surroundings.

Mardi Himal Trek

Altitude-wise is safe trekking takes you to the highest spot at Mardi Himal base camp at 4,700 m high. Offers superb panorama of Annapurna Himalaya range as far towards Manaslu Mountain range, with closest views of Fish Tail. The beauty of this trek is walking within a pristine location and a beautiful forest of tall rhododendron and pine trees.

Panchase Hill Trek:

Another quiet and elusive trek is to Panchase Hill of a few day’s walk-in absolute wilderness. A trek is suitable for all age-group the highest climb up to scenic Panchase Hilltop at 2,500 m high. Rewards with a wide panorama of all three world’s three highest mountain ranges of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Manaslu Himalaya.

A Renowned Trek to Annapurna Circuit:

A scenic trek loaded with beauty and longer day walks, regarded as the world’s top ten adventure destination. A trek of great bio-diversity from low warm farm fields to cooler green hills and towards remorseless fields of ice and glaciers. A marvelous journey leads you to picturesque country around both sides of the Annapurna Himalaya range, from north to south. The adventure takes you to scenic high Manang valley enclosed by Annapurna Himalaya range and Chulu’s peak within lovely traditional villages.

Thorong La Pass Trek

A trek with constant views of snow-mountains and relive the days in the comfort of nice cozy lodges. Beyond Manang adventure continues to cross Thorang-La the highest point at 5,416 m then downhill to the Mustang district. The walk takes you to the scenic Kaligandaki River through the world’s deepest gorge between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri peaks. After a fabulous experience ending the trek at scenic Pokhara city blessed with natural beauty.  Trekkers with more time can extend the trek to beautiful turquoise Tilicho Lake, after spending time in Manang village.

Best season for Annapurna Himalaya Trek:

Annapurna region where one can visit all season of the year, but the best time is during springtime. From March to May, the hills covered in a lovely forest will be bright with wildflowers in full bloom. Most days are clear and sunny for scenic walks and views, cold in the morning and nighttime. Next, the best time is in the autumn season where days are fine for walks and exciting views of beautiful scenery.

Cold in the morning and late afternoon till night time, with clear bright starry nights. For moderate short treks Ghorepani / Poon Hill, Panchase, and Annapurna base camp can enjoy the adventure in wintertime also. But much cold during the morning till the sun shows up, a clear fine day can be freezing temperatures during evening and night time.

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