Langtang Region

Langtang Region

Langtang Region Trekking is the third most popular and most beautiful trekking region in Nepal. Langtang region trek leads you to the nearest Himalayan mountain region from the capital Kathmandu which is straight towards North located within Central Himalayan around the Rasuwa district of Langtang Himal region. Langtang Region Trekking has many beautiful and popular treks as Langtang Trek, Langtang Valley Trek, Langtang Tamang Heritage TrekLangtang Gosainkunda Trek, and Langtang Helambu Trek.

Langtang region trekking is a fabulous adventure where one can join in for a week duration or more extending to some two weeks with a visit to Kyanjin Gompa around beautiful Langtang valley and heading towards holy Gosainkund pond to reach the Northeastern rim of Kathmandu valley. Whatever your duration and interest are? You will certainly enjoy the walks within traditional Tamang villages interwoven with Buddhism religion and culture with the ancient practice of Bon (pre-Buddhism).

Langtang region trekking where all age-group can join in this beautiful journey without a problem of getting AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) as this short adventure leads you at 3,749 m and 12,371 ft high with a sweeping panorama of high peaks of Langtang Himal range that surrounds you at scenic Langtang valley in the comfort of nice, cozy local lodge.

After an enjoyable moment and time with a grand panorama of peaks heading back on the same route for the drive back to Kathmandu with amazing adventure on Langtang trekking.

People with more time can continue to walk from Kyanjin Gompa for more few days heading towards higher areas of holy Gosainkund Pond, regarded as sacred by both Hindu and Buddhist religions.

Where walk leads you high at above 4,000 m with the fabulous scenery of mountains from Langtang-Ganesh Himal to Manaslu range of peaks and as far towards Annapurna in the far western horizon, catching marvelous views as walk leads over high Laurabinya-La or Gosainkund pass above 4,609 m / 15,100 ft high.

After being in complete wilderness heading back to Kathmandu as walk leads into lovely forested areas and heading close to the Helambu area at Tadepatti and Kutumsang villages, as the route leads on high ridges with few ups and downhill path to reach Chisapani hilltop.

Chisapani offers a fantastic panorama of central and eastern Himalaya chain of peaks with stunning sunrise views over a wide range of mountains and then slowly heading back to Kathmandu on reaching the northeastern rim of the valley rim where a short drive brings you back to your respective hotels after a wonderful adventure on Langtang Trekking.

Langtang Region

Short Langtang Trek 5 Days

  • 5
  • Moderate
  • 3870m
Looking to quench your wanderlust without compromising on the experience? Welcome to the Short Langtang Trek 5 Days package, the ultimate getaway for those seeking an adventure-packed escape in a limited timeframe. This...

Gosainkunda Pass Trek

  • 9
  • Moderate
  • 4600m
Gosainkunda Pass Trek in Nepal and most fascinating destination in the Langtang region. It is also called East Laurabina-La a wonderful adventure following the pilgrimage trail to the holy Gosiankund ponds. The best...

Langtang Valley and Ganja La Pass Trek

  • 16
  • Moderate
  • 5172 m
Langtang Valley and Ganja La Pass Trek is an adventure that leads you to both the beautiful and cultural areas of Langtang Himal. An enjoyable, exciting journey around remote pockets of Langtang Himal...

Helambu Trek

  • 7 Days
  • Moderate
  • 3795m
Helambu Trek is one of the delightful trekking routes in the Langtang region of Nepal, located to the north of Kathmandu. It is a relatively short trek that can be completed in 5-7...

Langtang Valley Trek

  • 10 Days
  • Moderate
  • 3870m.
Langtang Valley Trek is a congenial delightful and ideal journey in the Langtang region. It is famous for providing exceptionally beautiful vistas of the mountains, native hidden culture, and Langtang Himalayas ranges. The Langtang...

Langtang Trek

  • 08 Days
  • Moderate
  • 3800m.
Langtang Trek in Nepal is the majestic journey towards the mythic and mystic areas of the Langtang region. The place is the host of the place where one can get the outstanding attractions...

Langtang Tamang Heritage Trek

  • 10 Days
  • Moderate
  • 3600m.
Nepal High Trek & Expedition in Nepal is a trekking agency run by the Lama people. Therefore, traveling or trekking to the Langtang region of Nepal with us is always authentic. Get ready...

Langtang Gosainkunda Trek

  • 7 Days
  • Moderate
  • 4610m.
Langtang Gosainkunda Trek Cost is one of the most beautiful and exciting hiking in Nepal. While doing a trek over right here it will offer an Excellent view of Langtang valley, high mountains...