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Nepal posses a lot of possibilities for fantastic tours. As the tourists from different corners of the world find this country a real attraction, Nepal has often been cited as one of the finest destinations for tourists. Even the world’s largest travel website TripAdvisor has listed Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, as a no.1 tourist destination on the rise in Asia and world’s top 10 travel destination. While it comes to different tour packages in Nepal, the best way to spend your holiday tours in Nepal is to explore the cultural riches Nepal has to offer. Nepal offers a host of opportunities for you to explore and intermingle with the variety of cultures that exist all over the country. So, the Cultural Tours are the best ways to know the cultural riches of Nepal to its best. If you want to explore the natural splendors, take Sightseeing Tours in Nepal, or if you want spiritual experience during Nepal to stay, choose Yoga and Meditation Tours, or you might equally be interested in Pilgrimage tours in Nepal. Other popular tours in Nepal can be Bird Watching Tours, Educational Tours, or other Special Interest Tours in Nepal. All depends on your motive, but Nepal has it all.

Stretching from the subtropical forests of lowland Terai to the soaring high Himalayan peaks; Nepal is wedged between China and India. Along with its varied geographical structure, its cultural landscape is every bit as diverse as its physical one. Simple Nepalese people belong to a host of distinctive ethnic groups and they speak a host of languages that represent their cultural background and existence. Living in everything from dense and ancient cities erupting with the Hindu settlements crafted with pagoda-style to the villages perched to dizzying sweeps of farming terraces, and highland settlements clustered around tiny monasteries, Nepalese people have their own lifestyle and own culture that captivate the world community. With its profound national or ethnic pride, Nepal is regarded as one of the perfect destinations for tourists. This tiny Himalayan nation offers an astounding flair for festivals and pageantry and strong adherence towards the traditional values and norms. Many of the most interesting and rarely-visited attractions are scattered like pearls around the dense hills of Nepal. And this is the beauty, tranquility, and simplicity to its truest essence, that allure everybody who visits Nepal. These are the aspects that make Nepal a perfect travel destination for a large number of tourists traveling with various motives! That’s how this slogan goes, “Visiting Nepal Once is Never Enough!”

If you are planning your next trip to Nepal, come join us! We will make your Nepal holiday worthwhile. Nepal High Trek (NHT) welcomes you all travel aspirants from around the world for all sorts of tour packages in Nepal. We offer you fantastic tours at fair prices. Your satisfaction is what we always strive for.

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