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Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak Climbing in Nepal is the second popular and adventure journey after expeditions. If anyone planning to peak climbing in Nepal then Nepal is the best destination for climbing, expeditions, and trekking. Peak climbing is one of the challenging and adventurous things that we can do in Nepal. Among the trekkers, only a few of the visitors of Nepal try to do peak climbing because of its inconvenience and toughness.

The phenomenon of peak climbing in Nepal was first introduced by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hilary with a successful climb to the top of the world. Nepal can be said mother of peak climbing because Nepal contains eight among the ten tallest mountain in the world which are regarded as a paradise for the climbers.

Many adventures trekkers have a dream to do peak climbing in Nepal for a challenging trip and an unforgettable experience in Nepal. The climbing over to the beautiful and glorious mountain of Nepal will surely add some adventure in the life of true adventure lovers. But the climbing is strictly prohibited for those trekkers who have some problem with altitude along with their health because to climb a peak over to high hills, we need a full concentration of sound mind and body. Otherwise, it may create a problem for the climbers.

Nepal Mountaineering Association has made some rules and regulations for the climbers as before climbing the peak in Nepal you have needed a climbing permit. Your authority travel agent organized everything as permit, guide, porter, lodging, and footing. We have quoted most popular and major peak climbing in Nepal as like Pisang peak, Singhuli peak, Tharpu peak Tawache peak, Kwangde peak, Yala Peak ClimbingIsland Peak ClimbingMera Peak ClimbingLobuche peak climbing, Chulu east and Chulu west peak with many other gorgeous peaks of the northern part of Nepal.

The process of climbing to the high peak of Nepal is regarded as one of the risky and adventurous tasks to finish properly. Due to which we need better guides and climbing techniques while climbing at the high peaks of Nepal. Despite the act is risky, we can gain many pleasure and life experience from the act of climbing. But you should not need to worry, as we can fulfill your all desire.

A Nepal HighTrek is always on your front foot to help and to fulfill your all desire to climb the tall mountains of Nepal. The provision of a good trekking guide with some better help from experts will surely help you to fulfill your dream to conquer the top of the world Himalaya Nepal.

Peak Climbing in Nepal

Yala Peak Climbing

  • 10 Days Days
  • Moderate/Expedition
  • 5520m.
Yala Peak Climbing is one of the glorious trekking and exhilarating peak climbing of the Langtang region. The Yala peak climbing specially offered for those visitors who want to spend some of their...

Pisang Peak Climbing

  • 14 Days Days
  • Adventure/Expedition
  • 6100m.
Pisang Peak Climbing is an extremely beautiful and fascinating pyramidal trekking peak in the Annapurna region. It lies at 6091m above sea level and is quite technical climbing in Nepal. There are two...

Mera Peak Climbing

  • 16 Days Days
  • Adventure/Expedition
  • 6476m.
Mera Peak Climbing leads you to the hidden corners of high Khumbu valley to the south of Everest, on least visited areas by other main flow of trekkers and adventurers. As Mera Peak...

Lobuche Peak Climbing

  • 15 Days Days
  • Adventure/Exepedition
  • 6119m.
Lobuche Peak Climbing is one of the most popular and challenging peak climbing in the Khumbu region with a lesser mountain of just 6,119m. The Climb requires strong physical fitness and a positive...

Island Peak Climbing

  • 16 Days Days
  • Adventure/Expedition
  • 6187m.
Island Peak Climbing is an extremely beautiful and most popular trekking peak climbing in Nepal. It leads you to amazing adventure and experience on top above 6,160 m and 20,328 ft high where...

Chulu West Peak Climbing

  • 18 Days Days
  • Adventure/Expedition
  • 6419m.
Chulu West Peak Climbing (6421 m) and make the dream of top hiking in certainly one of international’s maximum lovely regions (the Annapurna) come proper. There are Chulu Peaks, East, and West. This...

Amadablam Expedition in Nepal

  • 26 Days
  • Adventure/Expedition
  • 6812m.
Amadablam Expedition in Nepal is a beautiful mountain in the Everest region. Nepal High Trek & Expedition has been organizing the Ama Dablam Expedition. We had a great successful expedition in Himalaya Nepal. The normal...