Tibet Tour

Tibet is beautiful country in the world.Most of people would like do Tibet tour.Tibet tours is specially Himalaya country and desert part.It’s so amazing country.Tibet tours is most of people would like Buddhist religious and most of people devoted with Dalai lama.
The Tibet was, until 1950, a closed country that had been visited by only a handful of people. Today, visiting Tibet is considerably easier, but the adventure remains. Tibet is a land unlike any other, a magical realm of vast open spaces and clear light and pure color, dominated by an intensely blue sky.

While remote corners of the world fell to inevitable modernization, this vast mountain-locked land was left alone for centuries to develop a unique civilization of the “Roof of the World”. This remote land shelters an ancient and highly developed culture revolving around a unique form of Buddhism. Tibet is studded with gilt-roofed temples and richly decorate monastery. Norbu lingka the summer palace of Dalai Lama Gyantse the third most important city, Jokhang Temple the most revered temple in Lhasa, Barkhore street, Drepung Monastery are the most visited places around Tibet. Tibet tours is specially spiritual tours in the world.Tasgilhumpo Monastery-one of the most important centers of Buddhism is situated in Shigatse the second largest city in Tibet and detailed tour of Sera Monastery founded in 1419 are highlight of the tour of Tibet.

Tibet tours is most beautiful tour destination in the world.For centuries, Hindus and Buddhism alike as the Throne of the Gods and the mystical center of the universe have revered this snow capped mountain in western Tibet. Two lakes, Manasarowar and Rakastal, lie at the southern for of Mt. Kailash. Ritual bathing in the lakes is performed to wash away sins.

Tibet Tour : 2018

Mount Kailash Tour

Duration: 15 Days

Maximum Heigh: 5300 m.

Nepal High Trek has been leading mount kailash tour since many years ago.Mount Kailash tour…