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Wilderness Region Trekking

Wilderness Region Trekking

Wilderness Region Trekking offers a tranquil environment, where you will be away from mainstream trekkers trail, and within complete isolation in the harmony of mountain wilderness. Nepal a country steeped with the world’s highest mountain range known as the Greater Himalaya, where the world’s eight high peaks located with a series of countless lesser mountains.

That makes Nepal a world’s number one spot for all types of Adventure Sports firstly trekking in the Nepal Himalaya, followed by peaks climbing and major mountaineering expedition.

All around Nepal Himalaya trekking takes you towards complete wilderness and away from villages and human settlement for several days, where you will be in close harmony of a giant mountain range, moraine, and glaciers.

The difference between mainstream popular trekking trails and off the beaten trails seems almost similar, the only change that one finds is that on mainstream trekking areas where you will be staying in the comfort of a nice cozy local lodge known as Tea-House.

While on Nepal wilderness trekking staying in a tea-house or local lodge, home-stay where available, trekkers need to carry all camping equipment and foods for trekking for some days, as the trek leads you away from villages and human settlements.

The only means will be staying in tented camps with separate kitchen unit and kitchen staff as well cook including guides, porters to provide great services in all wilderness trekking in Nepal.

Wilderness Region Trekking will be more interesting as you will be far from human civilization and villages, enjoying pleasant moments within scenic surroundings at a mere distance and on the foot of towering Himalayan peaks.

A great opportunity for trekkers and adventurers who have visited Nepal and trekked before around high Himalaya, and in search of fresh new areas in absolute wilderness.

There are many places around remote and isolated areas in Nepal, where one can find great solitude of perfect Mountain wilderness. The only drawback that you will be spending overnights in tented camps rather in the lodge as this walk takes you to complete isolation.

Where you can listen to the sound of nature and feel, breathe the fresh country cool air overlooking glorious views of dramatic landscapes and snow-capped peaks in a completely tranquil environment.

There are many exciting destinations where one can enjoy Nepal Wilderness and trekking, from the Far East to the Western Himalayan range with some areas around Mid- East, and Mid-West.

Includes popular wilderness adventure regions in EverestManaslu Circuit  KanchenjungaManaslu TrekUpper MustangAnnapurna, and Langtang Himalaya, although a mainstream trekking destination but there are hidden corners where you will find absolute wilderness away from main trekking trails.

Nepal Far West Himalaya region offers the very best Wilderness Trekking, where villagers hardly encounter foreign visitors passing their farm villages, although other transportation like both ways flight with local drive involves that makes the trek quite longer and to ferry all the camping equipment needed for the journey.

Whatever your choice is, Nepal Wilderness Trekking will always be a memorable adventure of a lifetime experience.