Adventure Flight To Lukla

Adventure flight to Lukla

Lukla Airport is among the most extreme airports in the world. Its official name is Tenzing Hillary Airport. The airport was built by Sir Edmund Hillary. He bought land from locals and paved the runway. It is very interesting that he gave alcohol to local villagers to rejoice and jump on the runway surface. It is to make the soil even for the smooth runway. The route and the site of the airport make the flight an Adventure Flight to Lukla Airport.

Everest is a famous trekking destination. The main reason behind its popularity is the world’s tallest mountain Mt. Everest. However, there are other factors too. Sherpa villages, Sagarmatha National park, and Lukla Flight are the major factors. Nepal is a hilly country. It is a blissful Himalayan nation too. Therefore, many people visit this beautiful country. However, there are difficulties too. People suffer a lot. Geography and remoteness make life harder. It is safe to say that Everest or also called Khumbu is an example of a great remote touristic destination. Let’s talk about flight to Lukla. It is indeed the first activity in any kind of Everest tourism.

Why is it Adventure Flight to Lukla?

There are various reasons which make the flight to Lukla an adventurous activity.


The location of the airport is in a very scenic place. However, it is on the edge of the hill. The plane hovers through the narrow valley. Aircraft glides between two gigantic hills above Dudhkoshi River.

You can see the hill walls from the aircraft window. It becomes so anxious as you will not have any idea where the runway is. Topography is very rugged and slopes terrain. Everywhere you will see the hills only. The high altitude makes it hard to navigate as well due to thin air.

The plane takes off at TIA airport in Kathmandu. After 10 minutes of flight, travelers will find themselves above cascading hills. Imagine yourself being at the window of aircraft overlooking lofty mountains. It is indeed a rare fact of traveling to Nepal. Therefore, every year lots of people visit Nepal.


The airport runway is very short. It is just 1729 ft. long. The normal runway of international airports around the world is more than 10000 ft. The runway is not only short but it is uphill as well. It is to help planes to decrease their speed.

There is very less opportunity for a missed approach. Because of the mountains surrounding the runway, you cannot go around. Once you approach, there is no option but to touch down. Therefore, only propeller aircraft and helicopters are in use.

The shape of the runway is scientifically designed. There is a slight slope at the end of the runway. It helps to deaccelerate the aircraft. The parking is at the other end. Therefore, pilots have to redirect the plane to the parking area after navigating through the sloped runway.

Poor Weather and Poor Visibility

The weather in Lukla is very unpredictable. There is always a change in the climate. Sudden fog, snow, rainstorms, and mist are usual. Therefore, most flight happens in the early hours of the morning except for some cargo flights.

Don’t get mistaken about the flight timing. There are numerous stances where trekkers have flown to Lukla from Kathmandu after 2 – 3 pm. Therefore, we mustn’t be pessimistic. However, who are we to judge the power of nature in terms of weather and climate.

Please don’t get disheartened. Everest Trekking comes with an unpredictable nature. These things are unannounced truth during trekking. As a responsible citizen of this Himalayan nation, I urge you to speak for what you need in society or for yourself.

Cancellation on the Lukla flight is common.

The overall experience of the Lukla flight is memorable. After all, it is the first action on your epic Everest region trekking or climbing. Moreover, it is a must to do an activity if you love mountains and thrill.f

Lukla Flight vs Mountain Flight

Flight to Lukla is deemed as the world’s most extreme airport strip. However, the Mountain flight starts from Kathmandu and ends at Kathmandu. Yeah, you are right about this. However, Adventure Flight to Lukla starts from Kathmandu and ends in Lukla. The scenery and the overall experience of traveling to this part of Nepal are overwhelming.

Mountain Flight in Nepal in general. It is very easy as well as less satisfying in terms of the adventure flight to Lukla. However, during the Mountain flight tour in Nepal travelers can witness more than 3 dozen of the mountains. Even if travelers can witness fewer mountains during the flight, the sheer location and the past news make the trip to Lukla airport adventurous.


Kathmandu’s altitude is 1320 m. However, the altitude of Lukla is 2826m from sea level. Imagine yourself being at a place that is exactly half the altitude of the original place.

Altitude sickness occurs above 2500 m generally. Therefore, when you start your journey from Kathmandu, you are at the 1300 m periphery. However, the landing occurs at 2826 m peripheries. This is the main reason why travelers spend the first day of the Everest Base Camp Trek journey at 2600 m altitude. The place is either Phakding or Manjo. It is up to you to decide where you would like to stay. My recommendation is to stay in Phakding which is located in low altitude than Lukla.

ALL Trekking trails of the Everest Region except for the classical route which is from Jiri start from Lukla. Therefore, an adventure flight to Lukla is important. It is the topmost priority of the guest trekking to Everest Base Camp to consider the fact of Altitude. Always heed the instructions of the guide and follow the agreed itinerary.

Book the Everest Base Camp Trek or other Everest region trips before you head to your original destination. Three Passes Trek, Gokyo Valley Trek, Chola Pass EBC Trek, and Everest Base Camp Trekking are major trails. Besides, these trails one can enjoy Khumbu by climbing peaks like Mera, Island, and Lobuche.

At an affordable rate, you will get the best facilities as well as a trekking experience. The team of Nepal Hight Trek ensures the maximum success rate as well as a high degree of hospitality.

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