Amazing Facts About Mount Everest

Amazing Facts About Mount Everest

Amazing facts you should know about Mount Everest

The number of tourists in the Everest Base Camp Trek is increasing day by day. Some facts about that make people travel to the Everest are given below:

  • Mount Everest is the world’s highest peak which highs about 8848m.
  • Everest rises 40cm per century and about 0.2 inches or 4mm a year.
  • The first summit on Mount Everest was done on 29th May 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa along with the expedition group.
  • There is an interesting rule while climbing Mount Everest, that is the “ two ‘0’ clock rule” which means be sue to conquer the top by 2 pm rather turn around in case of the accidents.
  • About 10 people have died on Everest though the death rate is decreasing each year.
  • There are two ways to reach the Everest base camp; one is from Tibet, China in the north ridge which is regarded as the dangerous path than the southeast from Nepal.
  • The most dangerous area on the Everest is Khumbu icefall. (note: the main cause of death is due to avalanches followed by the icefall.)
  • Sherpa is the tribe living on the Everest region and Sherpa is also written as their last name. They are regarded as the best guide ever in the Everest.
  • There are more than the 700 peaks on the Everest and there is 66% less oxygen on the summit than at sea level.
  • Name of the mountain is enough: the world’s highest peak Everest has the various kind of name which makes it more amazing. It has the name like
  • Sagarmatha: Nepali name and Chomolungma by Tibetan and Chinese people. Both the names bear a similar kind of meaning.
  • Name mount Everest was given after the name of Sir George Everest whose team was able to identify mount Everest in 1841 for the first time.

Thus, the amazing facts about mount Everest make the trip interesting but not only the facts but also the beauty of Himalaya are able to move your heart.

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