Annapurna Base Camp Trek Accommodation and Food

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Accommodation and Food

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Accommodation and Food a very important as well as necessary information for all wide-world interested trekkers and adventurers. Where all trekkers will be amazed and excited to find a nice and cozy lodge known as Tea-House, which you can find throughout the trek to Annapurna base camp. Like in all mainstream and popular trekking regions around Nepal Himalaya where visitors can find excellent comfort in the local lodge, around lovely villages, and some located in isolated areas far and away from main villages.

Unbelievable Annapurna Trekking Trails

Similarly, Annapurna base camp and on-route trekking where travelers can find a nice lodge for an overnight stop, and in the comfort of cozy rooms facing grand views of the high snow-capped mountain range. Along with friendly services and delicious food served as per your choice of meals from the lodge menu. An interesting and marvelous walk to scenic and awesome Annapurna Sanctuary where Annapurna base camp, situated at the height of 4,130 m and 13, 550 feet high.

Trekkers always get surprised to find lovely inns and lodges with a long list of food menus from local Nepalese, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, and Continental meals served by the lodge along the trail to Annapurna base camp. From the moment on leaves beautiful Pokhara, a renowned touristic city of Nepal and probably in the whole Himalayas region, where the walk begins to Annapurna base camp after a short drive to reach the starting point of the trek.

Accommodation and Food on the trek to Annapurna Base Camp

As the walk starts from a respective point of trekking as you enter the farm village notice many lodges big and small on route Chomrong, a large village populated by Gurung the main hill tribe of Annapurna Himalaya. At Chomrong is one of the largest authentic Gurung villages within the Annapurna Himalaya region where trekkers can find various choices of lodges and inn with nice accommodations from single, and double bedrooms to dormitories.

Meals as per the list on a menu are served and prepared in a hygienic way where you can join with other guests in a large dining room facing views of the village and snow mountain range. Chomrong is the last permanent village on the route to Annapurna Sanctuary and base camp where other overnight places from Chomrong onward are temporary settlements to serve and cater to the needs of trekkers.

Beautiful Villages and Fascinating Places

After Chomrong village lodge and lunch, spots are few and limited where you do not have much choice, as all overnight places are of a similar and basic standard. Where lodge has limited facilities due to its remoteness from main villages, where trekkers will have a hard time getting a single room if needed (depending upon peak and high season).

Besides, Most of the lodges with twins sharing smaller rooms with a large dining room and common restroom, hot and cold shower bathrooms are available for travelers but the meals are excellent cooked by expert chef and cooks.

A walk takes you much higher where tree lines and lush vegetation fade on reaching at Annapurna Sanctuary enclosed by an amphitheater of giant peaks on both sides of the trail.

At Annapurna Base Camp Trek Accommodation and Foods:

Trekkers are blessed on this scenic and marvelous walk to Annapurna Base Camp, to find a nice, lovely and cozy lodge accommodation at the height of 4,130 meters high. Annapurna base camp within scenic Sanctuary, the only base camp in the whole Himalayan range. Where travelers can find the comfort of a lodge and great meals to enjoy along with dramatic close views of towering peaks.

Moreover, Due to high altitude and remoteness, accommodation is limited with about 4-5 lodges. Where in the busy time of the year trekkers do have to share on rooms with their partners or other close friends, and a single room is hard to find during the high trekking season. However, it will be only for just an overnight stop but worth the views of the marvelous mountain panorama that surrounds the base camp and the lodge where you stay, where you will be warm in a huge dining room.

Local Meals Vs Western Meals

Meals are served according to your order and choice of food from the menu. For large group set meals are available to save time and fuel also, food is of high quality and cooked hygienically. Food served from the menu list of breakfast items and hot drinks, with a long list of lunch and snacks followed by dinner, food on the menu includes from local Nepalese, Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, Italian, and Mexican includes various Continental items including deserts (fresh fruits as per the season). In some places like Chomrong or at base camp where trekkers can find fresh bakery products, like loaf bread, cakes and pie also.

Short Destinations to Annapurna Region

Additionally, On 7 Days Annapurna base camp trek accommodation and food, where trekkers can find from high quality to basic or of simple standard. Depends upon the season and choice of each traveler. All trekkers are well satisfied and very pleased with the warm hospitality and great friendly service of Nepalese and villagers on the Annapurna Base Camp trek as well in the whole Nepal Himalaya.

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