Annapurna Base Camp Trek Weather

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Weather

Trek to Annapurna base camp, where the weather varies at different elevations from low warm sub-tropical Pokhara valley. That extends to a surrounding valley full of farm villages, to cooler mid-green hills and towards arctic zone at Annapurna base camp and beautiful sanctuary. Annapurna base camp trek weather depends upon the season of the year, where Nepal and the Himalaya region with four main seasons. Spring (March to May), summer with monsoon wet months of June to August, and autumn or fall (September to November) and the coldest time of winter season (December to February).

Popular Season for ABC Trek

The most favorable and popular main season is spring when most days are clear for views and pleasant walks all the way to Annapurna sanctuary and base camp. This is one of the much warmer times in Himalaya and around Annapurna Region, where days are longer with enough sun-light hours till late afternoon from early morning.

The temperatures are perfect with fine days, where the sometimes Himalayan climate can be unpredictable with unfavorable bad weather for few days, with light afternoon rain on lower mid-green hills and snow-fall on the higher altitude from 3,000 meters above. More or less one of the best times in spring season for Annapurna base camp trek and around Himalaya region where one can enjoy clear morning views of the dramatic scenery of beautiful landscapes and an array of snow-capped peaks. The next best season weather-wise is in autumn or fall times from September to November months, one of the main and much popular time for scenic with a pleasant trek to Annapurna base camp and around massive Himalaya.

How to find the best weather before hike to Annapurna Base Camp ?

Usually, Autumn/fall season starts from September to November a perfect time to catch the spectacular panorama of the Himalaya Mountain range and Annapurna series of peaks. Where days are crystal clear with super blue sky nearly all days of the season, which makes the trek more exciting and enjoyable with constant views of high snow-capped peaks.

However, morning and late afternoon can be very cold where temperatures might drop to below – 05 degrees Celsius sometimes with chances of snow on higher altitude above 2, 500 meters. Although one of the best and perfect season of autumn/fall where sunlight hours are much shorter than in spring and summer times, as it gets dark from late afternoon onward till 6 a.m. morning.

Furthermore, the temperature is just right with a sunny day during day time from late morning till 4 p.m. afternoon. But a clear starry and bright night on high altitude and at Annapurna base camp. This is the great season where one can enjoy snow mountain views along with bright full moon night, truly a perfect time for Annapurna base camp trek and around the Himalaya region.

When is an ideal time to trek to Annapurna region ?

Wintertime from December to February, freezing temperatures at Annapurna base camp with chances of heavy snow sometimes, where mercury level drops to below – 10 degrees Celsius or more. But most of the day is much clear for views of beautiful mountains and unique landscapes. During winter season although a low time for trekking in Nepal and to Annapurna base camp, enjoy where you encounter a fewer number of trekkers.

Days are much short with sunlight hours due winter season where the sun hardly shines at Annapurna base from 7 a.m. onward till late afternoon by 5 p.m. it will be dusk with the cold breeze. In winter season enjoy the calm weather with a night sky full of bright stars and silhouette views of the high snow mountain range that adds the extra charm of the adventure on Annapurna Base Camp trek. To all know the best weather and favorable time before start the Annapurna treks and discover the flora and fauna with neat.