Bahrain Prince Climbed the two peaks in Nepal

Bahrain Prince Climbed the two peaks in Nepal

Bahrain Prince Climbed the two peaks in Nepal and it has become a much-highlighted title this month on the internet. Yes, this news is true and Bahrain Prince with his team has already set out to climb two peaks Manaslu and Lobuche.

Respected Bahrain Prince Shaikh Nasser Bin Hamad AL Khalifa landed in Nepal with 19 members of the Royal Guard of Bahrain to climb the very famous peak Mount Manaslu in western Nepal and Mount Lobuche of the Everest Region. An A – level mountaineering company seven summits of Nepal is organizing the 18-member expedition team from Bahrain to climb the two very adventurous peaks.

Overview of Two Famous Peaks

Among the two peaks, Mount Manaslu is the eighth highest peak in the world with an altitude of 8,163m and Mount Lobuche of the Khumbu region is of height 6,119m and is very near to majestic Everest. These two popular peaks of Nepal are going to be climbed by Bahrain Prince and his team in 2020, which is the first peak climbing of Nepal after COVID.

The royal team from Bahrain had been permitted by the Tourism Board of Nepal to climb both mountains. So the Bahrain team with the Royal Prince in Nepal has set out for the expedition after one week of quarantine in a resort in Kathmandu.

Manaslu Peak (8th Tallest Peak in the world)

Mount Manaslu is the 8th highest peak in the world and it’s one of the iconic mountains on the globe. A lot of climbers have a dream to climb the 8th tallest peak. Moreover, many expedition teams and trekkers pay a visit every year to rejuvenate themselves within the Himalayas of Nepal. Manaslu was first climbed by a member of a Japanese expedition in 1956 A.D. Mt. Manaslu is located in the Gorkha district of Nepal which lies east of the Mount Annapurna of Nepal.

Manaslu Region is restricted off the beaten trail of Nepal which offers abundant wildlife. Manaslu region area not only provides the opportunity to submit the Manaslu Peak. There are many popular adventure trekking trails such as Manaslu Circuit Trek, Tsum Valley Trek, Lower Manaslu Trek, and Larkaya La Pass with Annapurna Circuit. The well-known trekking routes, skirt around wonderful Manaslu over the Annapurna massif.

Lobuche Peak Climbing

Unlike Manaslu, Lobuche is not located in the western region of Nepal but is situated in the Eastern part of Nepal being very close to Mount Everest. Lobuche Peak consists of two routes that are via east and west with an altitude of 6,119m and 6,145 m. Labuche Peak Trekking Peak climbing is an extremely beautiful and fascinating climb in the Everest region of Nepal. It lies in the world’s popular Everest Base Camp Trail. If you have ample time after completing the Everest base camp towards the Labuche Climbing for the next adventure.

Mainly, the eastern route is famous for trekking whereas the western part is recognized for expedition purposes. However, both the east and west peak is separated by a big gap even though a continuous ridge connects them.

Detail about the expedition of the Bahrain Team

Bahrain Prince Climbed the two peaks in Nepal successfully with his team and he had a great experience throughout the Nepal trip. According to the managing director, Mingma Sherpa of the Seven Summits, Bahrain Prince in Nepal climbed Two Peaks led by Seven Summits and climbed Mount Lobuche at first and then summited Mount Manaslu.

Moreover, Mingma has revealed that the Bahrain team in Nepal is climbing these peaks in the middle of the pandemic (COVID–19). As a part of the preparation to summit Mount Everest in the spring of 2021.

 Kind Nasser Bahrain Prince        

We can say that the prince of Bahrain is not only an enthusiast but also a kind human being. It is reported that Nasser had donated food supplies to the victim Sherpa climbers and travel-related workers who had lost their livelihood due to the noble coronavirus.

Post-COVID Travel plan for foreigners

The advent of the Bahrain Prince in Nepal for peak climbing in pandemic conditions had given some hope for the tourism sector of Nepal. Meanwhile, the cabinet of Nepal has decided to allow foreigners to visit Nepal for trekking.

As the tourism sector of Nepal is shutting down due to the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, the condition for trekking and mountaineering was not regarded to be possible. But the arrival of the Bahrain Prince with Royal members with full spirits was quite surprising. At the same time the proverb “where there is a will, there is a way” goes right for their marvelous ambition.

Lastly, Apart from Manaslu and Lobuche peak climbing, Island peak climbing and Mera peak climbing in the Everest region are also the best alternatives for mountaineering in Nepal. Anyway, the arrival of the Bahraini Prince in Nepal to climb two peaks as preparation for next year’s summit of Mount Everest is a significant turn in the tourism industry of Nepal.