Best Langtang Trekking Packages For 2023

Best Langtang Trekking Packages For 2023

Trekking is the best holiday activity to do in Nepal. Post-Covid pandemic lots of people are coming out for outdoor activities. However, it is always tricky to find out the best trekking destination. In 2023 search for the destination where you don’t have to take the hassle of flight cancellations or delays. The places like Everest region of Nepal are the epitome of trekking. However, the risk of flight cancellation hampers the trip. Can we find a place worthy to travel for mountains, culture, people, and wonders of Mother Nature with guaranteed departure? Yes, the Langtang Region of Nepal is an ideal destination for a memorable walking adventure. Get the best Langtang Trekking Packages for 2023 with Nepal High Trek! We would like to proudly announce to our travelers via this blog that we are the champions of Langtang trekking.

Why Langtang Trekking in 2023?

Well, 2022 is satisfactory in terms of the trekking business here in Nepal. People are starting to trek on the trekking trails of Nepal. Everest and Annapurna regions of Nepal received the highest number of travelers. Apart from these places, people started to explore the beaten destinations as well. With an increase in internet usage during the Lockdown, people know a lot more things about trekking and Nepal.

It is a healthy sign that people are starting to come to Nepal. However, climatic factors played a big role in Everest trekking. The regular flight from Kathmandu to Lukla was redirected from Ramechhap. People were stranded in Ramechhap and Lukla. So, it is wise to search for similar attractions with guaranteed departure. The destination is Langtang Region.

2023 will become the year of a large number of tourists arriving in Nepal. As morning shows the day, the 2022 trend points to the outcome. There will be chaos for the flights. However, Langtang Trekking doesn’t require any flights. It is nearby Kathmandu Valley. The trailhead of Langtang Valley Trekking, the Syaprubeshi is just a 6 – 7 hours drive from Kathmandu.

Langtang Valley Trekking Itineraries and Costs

Trekkers can choose different itineraries for the Langtang trekking. As the itineraries change, you will get different costs too. Choose according to your liking.

Here is the list of trekking plans with costs for the region:

  1. Langtang Valley Trek 8 Days Itinerary – Cost USD 550 per person
  2. Langtang Valley Trek 6 Days Itinerary – Cost USD 500 per person
  3. Langtang Valley Trek with Gosainkunda 11 Days Itinerary – Cost USD 750 per person

Contact our travel planners and discuss with them according to your budget and vacation period. There are numerous ways to travel in the region. Trek smart!

What makes Langtang Trekking wonderful?

The Langtang Trekking is wonderful because of different reasons. People find the region mythical as well as mystical. Moreover, the presence of mountain valleys and tranquil villages make it even more memorable. Why do we trek? We trek to gather the mystic mountainous hilly experience, fresh air, multiethnic culture, and green lush forest environment. All these things are possible while trekking in Langtang.

Langtang Valley Trek

The following things make Langtang region trekking wonderful:

  •  Low Altitude Destinations but a plethora of mountain vistas

The biggest hindrance to trekking in Nepal is the altitude. To get the mountain wilderness feeling one has to be at a high altitude. However, it is just a myth. With Langtang, you can get a glimpse of a gigantic mountain from a low altitude. Therefore, it is worth trying to avoid the risk of altitude sickness as well. Travelers can get the rewarding perspective of more than a dozen mountains during the trek.

  • Green Lush Forests, Rivers, Mountain Valleys, and Sacred Lakes

Experience temperate to alpine forests during the trek. Moreover, the trail offers the best experience of water resources too. High hills and the falling waterfall are the perfect canvases for wonderful pictures. Gosainkunda sacred lakes are stunning and it’s located at 4300 m above sea level. The Gosainkunda lake trekking trail is a delightful destination in the Langtang region.  A momentous amalgamation of forests, valleys, landscapes, waterfalls, and rivers endows a perfect platform for photographers. Capture the virgin and untainted beauty of Nepal.

  • Tamang Heritage Trail & Lama Culture

The trail is equally popular for monastery visits and Tamang Heritage experiences. Tamang people of Nepal are within the Lama tribe who are mainly Buddhists. Century-old monasteries, gompas, pagodas, Mane Walls, and villages offer the best cultural and spiritual experiences.

  • Easy Accessibility

No flight cancellation or delay chaos is the major highlight of the Langtang Trekking. Thus, the journey is within the guaranteed departure list of activity. Deluxe buses, local buses, jeeps, and private four-wheel jeeps are the means of transportation during trekking.

Langtang Valley Trek Difficulty

Don’t worry about the trek difficulty! Yes, it is indeed an easy trekking trip to do in Nepal. Only a handful of trekking trails in Nepal are easy to walk but with an abundance of natural and cultural beauty. Among such trails, Langtang Trekking is the best one along with the Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek of the Annapurna region. So, why not book the Best Langtang Trekking Packages for 2023? Come and visit Nepal and knit the momentous Himalayan walking experience easily.

Langtang Trek Cost

Nepal High Trek for Best Langtang Trekking Packages for 2023

Over the years, Nepal High Trek is one of the pioneer companies operating trekking in the Langtang region. Moreover, trekking guides and porters for the trek are from the local region. Most of them are either Tamang or Lama. Therefore, our trekkers get the authentic experience of the Langtang region of Nepal. It is always nice to gain information about the place from the locals. Thus, contact our travel planners and travel the local way.

If you would like to extend the Langtang Valley Trek, there are other trails too. Gosainkunda Lake, Ganjala Pass, Thulo Syapru, Chisapani Nagarkot, and Melamchi Helambu are famous places within the Langtang Region.

For 2023, plan your vacation to Nepal. Besides the Langtang region, you can choose to do trekking to other destinations as well. Some of the famous trekking destinations of Nepal are Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, Upper Mustang, Dolpo, Kanchenjunga, etc.

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