Everest Base Camp Trek Complete Update

Everest Base Camp Trek Complete Update

Covid 19 Pandemic has hit every industry across the globe. The travel industry is callously damaged. It is because of various restrictions by different countries. However, hope still exists. Once the pandemic is over the travel industry will definitely rise again. There are numerous travel destinations to visit post-pandemic. The home of the world’s tallest mountain the Khumbu region of Nepal is one of them. Get Everest Base Camp Trek Complete Update via this blog.

Post-Pandemic Travel requires meticulous planning. The selections of hotels as well as guides are highly necessary. Therefore, after immense research, this blogger highly recommends Nepal High Trek. Nepal High Trek is a responsible trekking agency. Their travel planners are busy creating suitable itineraries. For Everest Base Camp Trek Complete Update please study each and every feature of the trek.

Hotel and Accommodation on Everest Trekking:

We provide hotels according to your request and travel plan in Kathmandu. There are numerous choices of hotels in Kathmandu ranging from budget to luxury five stars. Our Everest Trek standard package includes 3 stars or similar hotel accommodation. The accommodation in Trekking trail is teahouse or lodges.

Transports used on Everest Trekking:

We provide private vehicles (car/bus/jeep) for airport transfers and for sightseeing in Kathmandu. Another transportation we will use is the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla and vice versa.

Electricity and battery charges on the trek:

During Everest Trekking there is no problem with the electricity. You can recharge your electric appliances like cameras and mobile phones which you have to pay some amount. It depends upon teahouses and some lodges. Some don’t charge for electricity or battery. It is advised to take spare batteries and a power bank as well.

Meals and drinks on Everest Trekking:  

Meals are based on the itinerary. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided. Normal water is free. But we request you to carry water purification pills. You can buy bottled water and boiled water in various teahouses or lodges as well.

Everest Trek

Luggage/Bag pack on Everest Trekking:

Your luggage will be carried by porters and you can simply carry your backpack. In it, you can keep water bottles, cameras, jackets, medicines, creams, etc. A small trek bag is best for such high altitude trekking. You can deposit your valuables or unnecessary luggage in Kathmandu as well. Domestic carriers allow 15 kg including handbag and if found overweight then you will have to pay extras.

Guide/Porter on the trek:

Trained and government license holder trekking guide will be provided who will handle all the logistics and arrangement of trekking trip. Porter will carry bags of two trekkers and if the group is more than 10 persons then Sherpa or an additional guide will be provided.

Group Size, guide, and crew member:

Nepal High Trek organizes Everest trekking starting from 1 up to 30 pax at once. However, for every 10 persons, you will be provided a guide. You all will stay in one teahouse but the crew members might be different. 1:10 for guide and 1:2 for a porter is used.

Fixed Departure Treks:

We have an Everest Trekking package available for both fixed departures date as well as private trekking. If you wish to join the group in our fixed departures then check the dates stated on our website or email us for the dates. You can choose any date for your trekking and we can arrange for momentous trekking in the Everest region.

Personal Expenses on the trek:

Personal expenses are in your own hand. Normally Kathmandu is cheaper in comparison to trekking regions. You can buy alcohol, daily goods, and meals in Kathmandu. There are many shops, eateries, and bars where you can choose and spend some money. Don’t drink alcohol during the trek. It is costly. However, the last day of the trek is okay. About 10-15% of your trip cost should be allocated for crew members’ tips. On average you can enjoy the stay in Nepal at just about 15-25 $ per day luxuriously.

Gears available in Kathmandu:

You don’t need to buy the gears for Everest Trekking. Nepal High Trek has been providing a sleeping bag, down jacket, and a duffle bag to use during the trek. You can rent the gears at Thamel and it is very cheap as well.

A typical day on the trek:

  • Morning: Packing of bags and Breakfast
  • After 4 hours of walking, we stop for Lunch
  • A short Afternoon walk takes us to a destination for afternoon tea
  • Explore around the place
  • Dinner

Our meeting in Kathmandu:

Once your trip is confirmed you will have to email us your flight details. Our airport representatives will be at the airport. Please get all information about trekking well in advance. For a better trip, it is mandatory. Moreover, it reduces the travel hassles.

Itinerary and changes on it:

You can change the trip course or plans according to the suggestions of the guide. However, you can request any changes you want. We are a very flexible trekking agency and also we are highly customer-oriented. We will be happy to customize your trip.

The trekking guide will analyze the situation during the trekking. Therefore, please heed the instructions of the guide strictly. Guides will plan according to the situation. However, you can give your preference.


In case of accidents and casualty, we will transfer you immediately to the nearest health facilities. Genuine travel insurance is compulsory. Moreover, it provides confidence too.

Everest Trekking Packages

Trip Extensions:

It is always possible to extend the trip. If you have time then travel to some other regions of Nepal too. Post pandemic relief is possible in Nepal. Get the spiritual boost here in Nepal.

Booking and payment:

Guaranteed Booking requires at least twenty percent of an advance payment. The advance payment is non-refundable. You should send us a passport copy and flight details. You can pay using various methods. Bank transfer, credit card, and cash are a few examples. Then, we will forward the detail for payment.

Flight Delay in Kathmandu and Lukla:

The Lukla flight is the only option for transportation to Lukla. Flights cancellation is normal. It is because of the weather/climate of the region. We have kept one spare day in our itinerary as well. It is a must consider the unpredictable nature of Lukla weather. Moreover, there is an availability of Helicopter flight also. You will have to pay for this extra service to our office directly either by card or cash. The average amount of extras depending upon the number of pax ranging from 500 $ to 3500 $.

This blogger finds it so satisfying in writing a blog about Everest Base Camp Trek Complete Update. Even if the blog focuses on the services on offer from Nepal High Trek is worth every penny. After a pandemic, traveling requires great attention. Therefore, choose EBC Trek with a reliable trekking agency.

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