Everest Base Camp Trek in Comparison with Kilimanjaro Climb

Everest Base Camp Trek in Comparison with Kilimanjaro Climb

Everest Base Camp Trek in comparison with the Kilimanjaro climb of consistent with Asia and Africa. Both trips are very popular and demandable in the world which gives a different lifetime experience. Trek to Mount Everest; the highest peak in the world is one of the great deeds in the world of trekkers whereas Kilimanjaro Climb is also a very famous and demanded trek in Africa. These two trips are captivating the hearts of many hikers just in instance with its wilderness and awesome beauty.

Hopefully, we are here to share our experiences on our first-hand trip to the Everest region to help you all ease those difficulties we faced. And by comparing it with the single standing peak of Kilimanjaro on this planet we are trying to make it a bit interesting.

It is said that less than 50% of the trekkers who attempt Kilimanjaro failed to attempt the summit whereas the Everest base camp trek has a 95% of success rate. It’s because the EBC trek is all about the trip to the base of Everest. Let’s begin a comparison of the level of difficulty between these two treks.

Altitude and Higher Elevation of Kilimanjaro and EBC

Kilimanjaro Climb has the highest altitude at the elevation of 5895m nearly 20,000ft whereas the EBC trek highly ascends up to 5380m. Well, in this case, Kilimanjaro seems to have a higher altitude than the Everest Base Camp trek.

Both the trekking are above 5000m, so you will be climbing to an area with lower availability of oxygen thus there appear difficulties of acute mountain sickness. Finally, you must have a goal to avoid altitude sickness by acclimatizing more and making a slow & steady pace.

Trekking Duration and Best Weather for Trekking:                                                                        

Everest Base Camp Trek in comparison with the Kilimanjaro climb is relatively longer than the Kilimanjaro trek. Minimum one needs 12 days to complete the EBC trek whereas one should give at least 7 days to reach the summit safely.

Weather plays the most important role in deciding where to climb. January to March and June to November are the most loved seasons for trekking to Kilimanjaro as these seasons are dry and quiet. Rainy and winter seasons are the worst as they irritate trekkers with rains and cold which interrupt the trekker’s goal. The same goes for weather and timing on Everest region trekking too.

Accommodation or Camping at Kilimanjaro and EBC:

Everest Base Camp trekking provides the best accommodations in trekking of Nepal, which are more like teahouse type and are cozy with traditional attire. You can even find a 5-star hotel with good wi-fi service till Namche bazaar.

But Kilimanjaro Climb will let you enjoy camping all the way. Trekkers should sleep on the floor, eat food in camp, and use the chemical toilets in small tents. Most of the tents used in this trek are the same as those used by most expedition teams on the Everest summit.

Anyway, one can enjoy camping in the EBC trek too but Kilimanjaro won’t provide accommodations. Thus, here comes the challenges and difficulties.

Starting and finishing point in the comparison between EBC and Kilimanjaro:

Many routes can be taken to the Kilimanjaro trek so there are many starting points and final points as well. But in the case of the Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal, the trek starts from Kathmandu with a short flight to the Lukla airport.

Most of the time Lukla flights are canceled in the Everest region due to weather problems. Thus, many have problems with the EBC trek due to flight cancellations.

Cost and Fitness Level:

About the cost of these two trekking, the EBC trek can be done for $1399 and the same goes for Kilimanjaro too. If you do extra expenses cost will rise subconsciously on any trek.

Finally, individuals with good health and regular walking habits can complete both the Kilimanjaro Climbing and the Everest base camp trek.

Conclusion EBC Trek in comparison to Kilimanjaro climb:

Both the EBC trek and Kilimanjaro Climb have their own difficulties and there are pitfalls, problems, and hardships. But it really depends on your commitment and practice while attending the trek. Since they lie on the different continents of the earth with their special attitude. We encourage each and every mountain lover to attend these trekkings.

Don’t forget to compare yourself and find the differences as well as difficulties. Which trek would you choose first? Share this article Everest Base Camp Trek in comparison with Kilimanjaro with your friends. If you found this helpful because sharing is caring.