Everest Base Camp Trek in Spring

Everest Base Camp Trek in Spring

The best season to do the Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal is either autumn or spring season. The autumn season is during the months of September, October, and November. Spring Season falls within the months of March, April, and May. These six months are considered a piece of an ideal time to do the trek in the Everest region or any region of Nepal. The blog is about the Everest Base Camp Trek in spring. Therefore, read without skipping a single content to know exactly about doing the trek in this time of the year. There are countless reasons why you must at the trek in the spring season.

Before presenting the reasons for doing Everest Base Camp Trek in the spring season, know some information about doing off-season trekking in Nepal. During seasons like Winter and Monsoon, trekkers can get favorable discounts as well. However, the weather is not clear and the view is not guaranteed. Interestingly, trekking operators can organize the trek during this time of the year as well. As for the Everest Base Camp Trek, it requires lots of planning as there are numerous factors to consider. The Lukla flight, weather conditions, visibility, and availability of teahouses on the trail.

Climatic Conditions in Spring Season

The temperature during months of March, April, and May varies and averages around 7 – 12 degrees. The days are warmer and nights/morning is colder. There is less chance of rainfall and sky is very clear with relatively lower humidity. This situation is during the early days of the spring season. In the later days, the temperature may rise up to 20 – 21 degree and there is chance of drizzle as well in the low altitude places. Considering the bearable climatic conditions and temperature, spring is the best time to do the trek.

5 Highlights or Reasons to do Everest Trekking in Spring Season

  1. Longer Days
  2. Less Chance of Lukla Flight Cancellation
  3. Exploration of Namche Bazaar for Sherpa Culture and Highest altitude monastery the Tengboche Monastery
  4. Everest Base Camp and Sunrise from Kalapathar
  5. Spectacularly Clear Skies, Green Lush Vegetation, and Warmer days

Best Tips for Successful Trekking in spring season

Here are the few tips that you can adopt for the successful spring season trekking of Everest Base Camp.

Proper Acclimatization

Trekkers will be doing two beautiful acclimatization activities during the Everest Base Camp Trek. The first acclimatization takes place in Namche Bazaar. The hike from Namche Bazaar to Everest View Hotel is so scenic. The sky becomes clear during spring days and trekkers can relish the beautiful scenery of mountains. The second acclimatization is at Dingboche where trekkers hike the Nagarshan Hill. It prepares well for the trekking to the high altitude without risk of altitude sickness. Usually, the acclimatization activities can be boring but during this time of the year it becomes exciting. The clear climate and the panoramic vista of mountains make it interesting. It helps trekkers to avoid the altitude sickness as well help them enjoy the trek to the fullest.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Chance to Start the Trek Early

The day starts early during spring season. Therefore, you don’t have to walk in the dark even if you start the trek early or end it late in the evening. The visibility becomes clear as early as 5 am in the morning till 7 pm in the evening. Therefore, it makes easy for the trekkers to complete the course in time.

Less Chance of Lukla Flight Cancellations

The most irritating hindrance for the Everest Base Camp Trekking is the Lukla Flight Cancellation. Due to the unstable weather conditions and geographical terrain, the Lukla flights are often cancelled. Hundreds of trekkers get stranded in the airport because of this. However, during months of March, April, and May, the chances of such flight cancellations are less. Even if the flight gets cancelled on a day, the next day it becomes clearer and the flight is possible. The change in itinerary is not needed while doing the Everest Base Camp Trek in spring season.

What are the Events that fall within the spring season in Nepal?

This time of the year has numerous festivals in the Nepalese Calendar. Therefore, trekkers can enjoy the traditional and cultural part of Nepal as well together with the grandeur of mountains. Holi, Nepali New Year, Maha Shivaratri, Buddha Jayanti, etc. are major events that occur during this time of the year. Holi is the festival of colors whereas the Maha Shivaratri is the festival of Lord Shiva. People rejoice and trekkers can also get an opportunity to know great deals about Nepalese culture, religions and traditions.

Warmer Days, Flowers Blooming Season, Clearer Skies

Do you know that spring season is the best time to do the climbing activities? Yes, mountaineers consider the time as the best to successfully climb the gigantic mountains. No wonder, people travel more during this time of the year. Therefore, you can imply that spring is much more favorable time to do the trekking in comparison to the autumn season. The temperature is warmer and days are longer. Moreover, the trail becomes splendid as the time is the flower blooming season as well. The rhododendron and green lush forests on the trail will definitely inspire trekkers to do the trekking. It surely presents the best platform for the great pictures. The clearer sky means trekkers can relish the scenery of mountains to the fullest.

Nepal High Trek & Expedition is the responsible trekking agency based in Nepal. We have been operating the trek for more than a decade. Therefore, trekking with us is always advantageous in terms of costs and services. If you would like to create a spectacular trekking memories of Everest region, hurry up and book the Everest Base Camp Trekking in spring season with us. Except the Everest Base Camp Trek you can find the numerous other popular treks like Gokyo Lake Trek, Three High Passes Trek, Gokyo Chola Pass Trek, Island Peak Climbing, Lobuche Peak Climbing and Mera Peak Climbing.

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