Everest Base Camp Trek without Lukla Flights

Everest Base Camp Trek without Lukla Flights

The Tenzing Hillary Airport in Lukla is the gateway to the Everest Region Trekking in Nepal. Therefore, almost every trekking in the region starts from Lukla including the famous Everest Base Camp Trek. Reaching the base camp of Mt. Everest has become one of the world’s most popular outdoor activities. People across the globe aspire to leave their footprints in the foothills of the world’s tallest mountain Mt. Everest. However, the journey is not without lots of hurdles. There are numerous uncertainties in the smooth completion of the Everest Base Camp Trek itinerary. The major reason behind the hassle in the trek is the uncertainty of Lukla Flights. Therefore, nowadays people are seeking for an alternative route to do the Everest Base Camp Trek. People ask whether they can do the Everest Base Camp Trek without Lukla Flights.

In this blog let’s know the possibilities of doing Everest Base Camp Trek without Lukla Flights.

Before getting to know about the ways to do Everest Trekking without Lukla Flights, let’s find out the major reason behind people searching an alternative of Lukla Flights.

Why does Lukla Flights play a major role in Everest Region Trekking?

The airport is located in the Khumbu region of Nepal. The flight to Lukla takes trekkers directly to an altitude of 2800 m. The town of Lukla is vibrant and has many eateries and accommodation. The trekking group meets their local porters and Sherpa in the town. In fact, it has served as the major gateway to the Everest Base Camp Trek since its establishment. It reduces the number of days in the trekking. However, this is only when there was no connectivity established. In this blog, you will find the ways to do trekking without Lukla flights in a more elaborate form. Without the proper alternative and the possibility of longer trekking itineraries, Lukla flights was very crucial for the trek. However, the situation is not the same as before. Nowadays, trekkers can choose an alternative medium too.

What are the major reasons behind Lukla Flights Uncertainties?

Every season hundreds of trekkers get stranded either in Kathmandu or Lukla because of Lukla flight cancellations and delays. The cancellations and delays are normal on this route. Therefore, lots of trekkers keep one day extra as a contingency day in their Everest Base Camp Trek itinerary.

Here are the major reasons behind Lukla Flights Uncertainties:

  1. Geographical Terrain

The location of Lukla Airport is the major problem. The route to the Lukla Airport is through a narrow river valley with gigantic hills on both sides. Moreover, there are two huge hills on the approach area that make it difficult for the aircraft to smoothly fly towards airport. The Himalayan region of Nepal at an altitude of 2800 m, it is very hard for the proper flights due to bad weather and terrain.

  1. Short Runway and Small Aircraft

The runway of the Tenzing Hillary Airport in Lukla is very small and vertical. Once you have decided to land there is no returning back or false shoot. The runway ends up in a wall. So, pilots have to maneuver the aircraft to parking lot immediately after breaking. The short runway and no margin for error make this airport the most extreme airport of the world.

The aircrafts that fly to Luklaare twin otters and smaller cargo planes. Therefore, there is not enough seats available. During peak season, trekkers find it hard to get the tickets. There is always hassle in getting the flights tickets. Moreover, the morning flight tickets are hard to find. The chances of successful flight without delays and cancellation are more on first morning flights.

  1. Unpredictable Weather Conditions

The Himalayan region of Nepal has unpredictable weather conditions. In every minute the weather changes rapidly. Moreover, the weather on the way or flight route also needs to be cleared for successful Himalayan flights. Most of the delays and cancellations of the Lukla Flights occur due to foggy weather. Snowstorms, strong winds, and a cloudy atmosphere make it hard for the flights.

People wondered for many years while searching for alternatives. Therefore, nowadays Everest Base Camp Trek without Lukla flights are getting lots of attention. The blog tries to give authentic information about the possible alternative ways to do the Everest Base Camp Trek.

How can I do the Everest Base Camp Trek without Lukla Flights?

Before the construction of the Tenzing Hillary Airport in Lukla, trekkers used to do the Everest Base Camp Trek from Jiri. This route is also called as the Classical Everest Base Camp Trek and also some used to call this the Jiri EBC Trek. This requires trekkers 5 more days to meet the contemporary Everest Base Camp Trek route from Lukla. Therefore, the route was preferred by very few trekkers.

Now, there are ways to do Everest Base Camp Trek without Lukla. Nepal High Trek has sent its travel planners to find out the best route to knit an ideal itinerary. Our research team has explored the best possible ways to do Everest Base Camp Trek via road trip. Trekkers have to take a private jeep or bus to drive to Salleri. They will have to take the private jeep from Salleri to Paiyun to start the actual trek. From Paiyun, trekkers start to trek and reach Phakding in one day. Finally, the journey follows the normal trekking itinerary of Everest Base Camp Trek.

Typical Itinerary of Everest Base Camp Trek without Lukla Flights

Day 1: Drive to Salleri; 6 – 7 hrs road trip; Overnight at lodge in Salleri

Day 2: Jeep Drive to Paiyun; 6 – 7 hrs road trip on dusty graveled road; Overnight at teahouse

Day 3: Trek to Phakding; 6 – 7 hrs walking through terraced farmlands; Overnight at teahouse

Day 4: Trek to Namche Bazaar; 6 – 7 hrs; Overnight at teahouse

Day 5: Trek to Tengboche; 5 – 6 hrs; Regular Acclimatization break at Namche Bazaar is not necessary as trekkers start their trek from low altitude to high altitude

Day 6: Trek to Dingboche; 5 – 6 hrs; Overnight at teahouse

Day 7: Acclimatization at Dingboche; Hike to Nagarshan Hill (5100 m)

Day 8: Trek to Lobuche; 5 – 6 hrs; Overnight at teahouse

Day 9: Trek to Gorakshep; Hike to Everest Base Camp (5364 m); Overnight at teahouse in Gorakshep

Day 10: Hike to Kalapathar (5545 m) for sunrise; Trek to Pheriche

Day 11: Trek to Namche Bazaar

Day 12: Trek to Phakding

Day 13: Trek to Paiyun

Day 14: Drive to Kathmandu

This is the typical itinerary for the trekkers who wish to avoid the Lukla flights. If you want you can choose to return to Kathmandu via flights.

Advantages of Everest Base Camp Trek without Lukla Flights

There are numerous advantages for the trekkers if they prefer to do the EBC Trek via road. Let’s explore the advantages for travelers in this alternative ways to do Everest Base Camp Trek.

  1. Less Trek Budget

If you take the road trip you can do the Everest Base Camp Trek on less budget than the regular Everest Base Camp Trek from Lukla. However, a day is extra on this trek. Therefore, your daily food, accommodation, trip length depend the cost. But the road trips and flights cost would be similar. In addition, If you combine the Three High Passes or Gokyo Lake Trek the cost would be high that EBC Trek.

  1. Itinerary Flexibility

While doing the Everest Base Camp Trek without Lukla Flights, you can have flexibility in your itinerary. You don’t have to depend on the flight conditions. Therefore, you can change the itinerary as per your wishes. Moreover, you don’t need to put in a day extra as a contingency plan.

  1. Avoid the World’s Most Extreme Airport

The flight to Lukla is safe but there are few fatal accidents on this route. Therefore, if you want to avoid such scenarios, you can always choose the roadways. It is way safer than the flight route.

  1. Proper Acclimatization & Chance to Encounter Diverse Communities

Trekkers start the trek from the Lower Solukhumbu region. Therefore, trekkers have to trek through lots of diverse villages. Normally, the Everest base Camp Trek route starting from Lukla go through Sherpa villages. However, this way of doing the Everest Base Camp Trek involves villages of Brahmins, Chhetris, Dalits, Rai, and Magars. Therefore, you will be able to understand the culture and traditions of diverse communities. Moreover, trekkers will also be acclimatized properly as they start their trek below 2800 m.

If you don’t want to do Lukla Flights during the Everest Base Camp Trek, try the roadways. Contact the best trekking agency for this trip. It is a relatively new way to do the EBC Trek. Therefore, you must choose a reliable agency. For your convenience, Nepal High Trek is an ideal choice. The agency has sent its travel planners to knit the best possible itinerary for the Everest Base Camp Trek without Lukla Flights.

For more information, don’t forget to contact the travel planners of Nepal High Trek. Our travel planners are always there to share their expert opinions and knit together momentous hassle-free trekking trips. Enjoy the majestic Everest region of Nepal!