Five Reasons to visit Langtang Region in 2022

Five Reasons to visit Langtang Region in 2022

Five Reasons to Visit Langtang Region in 2022, hope all visitors to Nepal are well aware of Langtang Himal. Where it is located and why to visit the area without proper information and details of the region? This is where we come in, introducing one of the best scenic and cultural destinations in the Central Himalayas.

Langtang Trekking Region is the closest mountain and Himalayan range from the capital city Kathmandu. A mere 32 k.m. or approx. 20 miles as the crow flies, aeronautical distance, and the mountains are visible. From Kathmandu valley on a clear fine day of the best seasons of the year like spring and autumn. As well in winter times also, Langtang Himal is located directly north of Kathmandu in between the Ganesh and Jugal Himal ranges.

One of the famous trekking destinations as well for various adventure feat for all interested people. The Langtang Trekking Region is populated by the ancient and ingenious mountain people the Tamang, the major tribes of the Central Himalayas. The Langtang Himal Region has so much to offer for interested visitors, from scenic moderate walks for a week. As well one can extend the trek for more than two weeks or more, in the Langtang region. Also provides great adventure with several exciting peaks to climb for beginners and as well for veteran mountaineers.

Langtang Region is under the protection of Langtang National Park, the first high mountainous park in the Nepal Himalayas. Established in 1976 covering an area of 1,710 sq. km. enriched with exotic flora and fauna. Langtang Himal, where the ancient Trans Himalayan Caravan Trade Route through to Nepal from Tibet, and the trade route still exists. Langtang Himal Region provides various adventure to cultural activities for all interested travelers from heritage to adventurous and challenging treks.

There are more than Five Reasons to visit the Langtang Himal Region in 2022 and onwards. The beautiful mountain country with scenic valleys and views beckons you to visit and experience the impressive culture.

The Five Reasons to visit Langtang Region in 2022 onwards:

The spring best season for the Langtang Himal region is gone, but another best time of autumn is still on. From the upcoming autumn/fall of 2022 and onwards, interested travelers can visit the beautiful country and explore ancient culture.

01: The Langtang Valley

One of the most famous and popular areas of the Langtang Region is the beautiful and scenic Langtang Valley. A moderate trek with a touch of high altitude, a wonderful country walk of a week duration reaching the highest point. At Kyanjin, a nice settlement in the heart of Langtang Valley is enclosed by an array of giant peaks. Kyanjin at the height of 3,749 m / 12,371 feet high.

A wonderful scenic and cultural trek starts with a drive from Kathmandu to Dhunche town and Syabrubesi village. The beginning and end of the trek to Langtang Valley take you to high hills and into a river gorge. The area is covered in a dense forest of tall rhododendrons, oaks, and magnolia, pine, fir trees with bamboo thickets. It also makes a good habitat for rare wild animals like the elusive Red Panda, snow leopard, and other mammals. Often seen on route Langtang valley, includes exotic bird life, from the forested trail towards a wide scenic Langtang valley.

While at Kyanjin enjoy a short day hike to a famous scenic viewpoint of Kyanjin-Ri or Tserko-Ri above 4,400 m high. Overlooking spectacular panorama of surrounding snow peaks with dramatic landscapes and valleys. Spend the overnight in the comfort of a nice cozy lodge with rooms facing views of mountains. Enjoy great meals in a large warm dining room with a fireplace keeping the place cozy from cold nights.

02: The trek to the holy Gosiankund Glacial Lake

An interesting walk on a high altitude trail to Gosainkund glacial lake, regarded as the holiest of all holy Himalayan pilgrimage destinations. After visiting Langtang Valley one can combine trek to Gosainkunda Lake, located at above 4,381 m / 14,375 feet.

The trek offers superb views of Langtang Himal, Ganesh, and Manaslu Himalaya range as far as Annapurna Himal. The holy site where the annual religious festival is held in August at the time of the full moon. Thousands of pilgrims and devotees visit for prayer and worship and a holy dip in the lake.

Belief is it relinquishes the sin of a hundred lifetimes, the lake is believed created by the Hindu God Shiva. Who consumed a lethal poison, to save the earthly human from danger to dilute the poison? Struck his trident, and created the lake, in the early days 108 ponds, and lakes existed, at present, half a dozen exist. From Gosainkund one can continue heading east to Helambu and towards Kathmandu crossing a high pass at 4,609 m /15,100 ft.

03: Tamang Heritage Trail

A different way of trekking adventure, exploring from one traditional village to another cultural village around the Langtang Himal region. An interesting trek of a week or more takes you around Tamang villages festooned with age-old heritage and fascinating cultures.

The Tamang, an ancient indigenous mountain tribe of Nepal Himalayas, drifted from Mongolia to Tibet and migrated to Nepal. Follows Buddhism religion similar to its Tibetan predecessors which you can witness on treks, staying in a homely environment. Known as Home-Stay run and managed by the village community, a great way to mix and immerse into local culture. The trek is more of a scenic and cultural walk observing the ancient heritage farm life of the Tamang villagers.

04: An adventure crossing high Ganja-La Pass

For trekkers seeking more of adventure, the Langtang Himal Region offers an exciting climb to cross over Ganja-La Pass. Which is above 5,122 m / 16,800 feet high, a traverse from Langtang Valley towards lovely areas of Helambu. Located close to Naya Kanga trekking peaks of less than 6,000 m, also known as the Ganjala peak. A great adventure crossing over the high pass, but quite challenging in snow conditions. Leads you to experience both areas of beautiful areas of the Langtang Himal region.

05: Trek and climb Yala Peak

An adventure for all types of trekkers and mountaineers and climbers, as well for beginners. Enjoy an alpine-style climb to Yala Peak, listed as the trekking peak of the Nepal Himalayas. A great way to test your endurance and skill, as well as a practice climb before aiming for major mountaineering expeditions. Yala Peak offers a climb with the least technical challenge to negotiate, where all can reach the summit in good time.

The Yala Peak although a lesser peak of below 6,000 m but a great way to start your mountaineering training. A perfect trekking peak for all adventurers and trekkers offers a spectacular panorama from the top of Yala Summit. The shortest duration of treks and climb to Yala peak at 5,500 m /18,044 feet high. Taking less than two weeks from the start of the trek at Syabrubesi and back.

Five Reasons to visit Langtang Region in 2022 and onwards:

Hope all travelers get the idea of the Langtang Himal Region, and what is all about after going through exciting places. Certainly a greatly enjoyable holiday destination for all types of people and age groups. From family, and school/college groups to corporate executives, including all veteran trekkers and adventurers.