How can do safely travel to Nepal in 2023

How can do safely travel to Nepal in 2023

How can do safely travel to Nepal in 2023/2024? Have ever you been to Nepal? Are you planning to do a trek to Nepal? However, get more exact information before landing in Nepal. Nepal specializes in adventure destinations such as expeditions, peak climbing, trekking, culture tours, Jungle Safari, rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, and more beautiful activities around Nepal.

Moreover, It is one of the world’s richest nations in terms of unique bio-diversity, with fascinating landscapes and charming geography. Although a small country located in South East Asia, where the altitude ranges from low warm sub-tropical of 60 m. To the world’s highest point top of Mt. Everest at 8,848. 86 m includes the world’s eight tallest mountains including Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and Annapurna I.

Journeys, Explorations, and Adventures

Due to the varied terrain and altitude range, the climatic changes are fascinating to experience within a distance of 150 km. The country occupies only 0.3 % of the earth but is enriched with the world’s rare flora and fauna. There are various ways to be safe and secure while traveling to Nepal in 2023, after understanding and knowing the country’s profile. Nepal is an amazing piece of earth with 2 % of all the flowering plants in the world.

Which includes 8 % of the world’s population of birds (more than 857 species); and 4 % of mammals on Earth. 11 of the world’s 15 families of butterflies (more than 500 species); 600 indigenous plant families; 319 species of orchids. Nepal, is one of the friendliest countries, with warm-hearted people where every guest is welcomed with traditional hospitality. The national language is Nepali, however, most travel-trade people understand and speak English and other foreign languages as well. Nepal has more than 60 ethnic tribes of people with 70 different native spoken languages.

How to choose the best holidays in 2023/2024?

The best to know before traveling safely in Nepal is the climate, the country with four major seasons. There are four major seasons spring, monsoon, autumn, and winter. Spring is March to May, summer with monsoon wet season is June to August, autumn: September-November, and winter: December-February. Nepal can be visited all year round, depending upon the choice of destinations, from leisure tours to moderate or challenging adventures.

Furthermore, you can find various holidays in Nepal like expeditions, trekking peak climbing, trekking, hiking, rafting, paragliding, and more activities. However, most travelers come to Nepal to do treks around the mountains. We have the world’s most popular trekking trails as Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Manaslu Base Camp, and Langtang Valley, Short Poon Hill Trek with numerous treks in Nepal.

Himalayan weather can be unfavorable and unpredictable sometimes even at the best time of the year. With the sudden change in weather conditions, travelers need to be patient and positive where their guide and the company. Will make the best effort to make all arrangements to make the situation at ease and under control.

Find A Reliable Local Travel Company in Nepal

Various ways one can enjoy safe travel in Nepal, like choosing the right holidays at the best season of the year. Most important is booking with a reputed Travel / Trekking agency Registered with the Government of Nepal, related to the Tourism Industry. Then collect all useful information and full details of the trip that you have booked, regarding safe travel. The first thing that is mandatory and important is to purchase Travel and Medical Insurance from your home country. Next is finding the airlines for the shortest and direct route to Kathmandu, Nepal International Airport.

The USA and European countries, including Australia and New Zealand, do not have a direct but connecting flight. Either from Doha, Abu Dhabi or Delhi, Bangkok and Hong Kong, Singapore as well as from Kula Lumpur. The other safe and secure thing is to get yourself immunized for related diseases as a precautionary measure. Your medical doctor will advise you on the best regarding the country of travel, after the pandemic, and safe to visit Nepal.

Discover the various cultures and Numerous Mountains

Safe and secure travel in Nepal is joining with the best local companies having reliable guides. All your necessary requests and needs will be well taken care of by the local company providing excellent services. Whether on a sightseeing tour or trekking, the guide will accompany you throughout your time in Nepal. To make your trip enjoyable, and memorable with safe and secure as well money worth of holidays in Nepal.

Related things to remember to make your travel safe in Nepal, is understanding and respecting the local culture and religions. Where your good guide will explain to you various of cultures, landscapes, numerous mountains, and the stunning Himalayas. Taking photographs and pictures of lovely scenic areas, with a backdrop of high Himalayan peaks is the exciting part of the tour. But taking pictures of some elderly people remember to ask your guide or the person if it’s okay. Where some people might not like taking their photographs, as well on sightseeing tours some areas are forbidden to take pictures.

Transportation for Safe Travel in Nepal

Booking with the best company provides you with excellent conditions and modes of transportation, as per the size and group size. For long or short journeys accompanied by a good expert and healthy driver and guide for safe travel within Nepal. Where one needs to worry, you will be in good and secure hands as well one need to take care of yourself. As per the types of holidays chosen either easy leisure tours, all trips involve overland journeys or by air. Transportation is another important part of safe travel in Nepal and makes your holiday meaningful and enjoyable.

Nepal is the capital of an adventure country, and for travel beyond major cities and towns the network of roads is not easy to drive. Some remote areas with rough dirt tracks are suitable for smaller jeeps and four-wheel drives. Where all travelers need to be careful and understand the nature of landscapes, before daring to adventure around Nepal Himalayas. Some areas of travel or trekking destinations involve a short flight to reach the starting point of the tour and walks. The agent will inform you about the types of aircraft and baggage allowance allowed to carry for designated destinations.

 Foods and Accommodation Around the Mountain

The other most important is good food and accommodation, to make your travel safe and pleasant in Nepal. Around big cities and towns offer a wide range of excellent accommodations from 5-star deluxe, standard to budget class hotels. One can enjoy a delightful stay, in all hotels big or small providing guests with warm hospitality and the heritage of Nepalese. If you are trekking around the mountainous areas of Everest, Annapurna, Langtang Region, and Manaslu region Himal on the main popular trails.

Where travelers can feel safe staying overnights in mountain lodges or resorts, which offer excellent accommodation throughout the journey. Enjoy the comfort with modern amenities and facilities of the internet, and Wi-Fi on trekking around the Himalayas. Food is another important issue, visitors who have not experienced Asian meals with spices need to be careful. If you order from a comprehensive menu provided by the hotel and lodge restaurants of great variations.

In Nepal, all meals are served hygienically and well-cooked by international standards from Western, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, and Japanese to Nepalese. As for drinking water always use boiled and filtered water on treks and in major hotels. Bottled mineral water is available all around Nepal in cities, towns, and villages, make sure that it has proper seals.

Do not drink water straight from the tap, streams, or creeks it is unsafe, due to bacteria and heavy minerals contents. Let’s make a proper plan to visit Nepal in 2024/2025 and explore the Himalayas with the diverse cultures of Nepal. Even, we highly recommend traveling in 2023 to explore the various cultures, numerous mountains, and the massive Himalayas.