How difficult trek to Annapurna Base Camp

How difficult trek to Annapurna Base Camp

How difficult to trek to Annapurna Base Camp? Its moderate-level journey towards the base camp of Annapurna and Mt Annapurna is the 10th tallest peak in the world. Annapurna Base Camp lies at 4130m above sea level.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a bit challenging moderate trekking in Nepal, which takes you to the base of the 10th highest peak. Leading to the base of the 10th highest peak of Nepal at the elevation of 4130m, trails are not so easy. But anyone with a healthy body and an optimistic mind can conquer this trek successfully. Moreover, one should bear in mind that difficulties and adventure continue on trekking trails until we reach our destination.

About 10 days of hiking to the base camp left us tuned and very strong with its colorful culture of the various ethnic groups and the unique landscapes respectively. Today here, this post is about the difficulties and hardships that we faced on the way to the Annapurna Base Camp.

Wi-fi, Power Supply & Phone Connection

It is the 21st century where technology rules one’s mind and activities continuously. I guess there are only a few people who could live without their cell phones in today’s world. It is true that there are some wifi connections available on the lodges which are a bit expensive and have limited access.

So I suggest one should try to use their mobile phone as little as possible on the ABC trek. Your phone would stop giving towers halfway, local SIM would work well in lower altitudes, partially in the middle of the trail, and the signal would be very pitiful at the near of final destination.

Finding a power supply connection could also be very difficult but our team of Nepal High Trek & Expedition Pvt. Ltd provides the best service to our clients as far as possible.

In addition to this, not receiving emails and notifications from any of your social media may sound like heaven for you, but it’s been really tough for me as I can’t relax without viewing my social media account. Finally, at the end of the day, we loved this bad trait of not having an internet and signal connection because we focused on enjoying our trip.

Acute Mountain Sickness

As the final destination of the Annapurna base camp trek is a moderate classic journey that leads at an elevation of 4130 m there are very low chances of catching the sickness. Anyway, one must include a lot of liquid and take rest if needed to avoid sickness.

Trekkers and travelers enjoy their trip to any part of the world but they should have fun caring for their health. One may face difficulties with normal bacteria and dysentery. So, you always need to carry some antibiotics, toilet paper, and sanitizer because they are rarely provided.

Accommodations Along The Trek

Accommodations on the 7 Days ABC Trek are simple lodge and teahouses that provides basic facilities but they are not as luxurious as those in the city. These kinds of accommodations are fun and authentic. Some trekkers might find it difficult to stay in cozy and small rooms of the lodges with basic service.

Delicious Local Dishes

Yeah, the Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on most of the trekking trail obviously include local foods with (Dal Bhat) with western dishes like pizza, spaghetti, burger, and French fried but Dal Bhat dish is very popular in Nepal for Nepalese people. Actually, there are available menus of Western food but I bet the deal that is going to be your favorite as it provides you enough strength to attempt the higher elevation. Some of the trekkers might find it very hard to sustain while trekking with these local foods but be sure to make healthy food to have a successful trek.

Thrilling Walk & Stunning Peaks

As we all know trekking in Nepal, mostly takes strength from a long walk, one must be optimistic and courageous at some point of the trails. All the factors above and more matter the most in trekking whereas walking hardships are not that important due to the reason that trekking itself is a challenge you choose.

If you are slow and tired on the walk you must take a rest and acclimatize better. Viewing below the suspension bridge and the high hills would really scare anyone. Especially, the heights of the different landscapes might frighten the trekkers on the walking journey.

After EBC TrekGhorepani Poon Hill Circuit with ABC trek holds the major number of trekkers where 25000 tourists visited the Annapurna region. Among them mainly novice trekkers were attending the Annapurna Base Camp trek which directly means that the ABC trek could be done by the hikers at the beginners level.

The saying that “a beginner should at least experience the Annapurna Base Camp trek before joining the EBC trek to gain more experience” is very famous. It is because these two trekking routes share many common things. If you want to extend your trek after Annapurna base camp then you can hike to Mardi Himal Trek as well.

Yes, the Annapurna base camp trek was difficult at some point but overviewing the entire factors like accommodation, food, trekking trail, and other facilities, this trek was totally fun and easy.

Want to know more about the Annapurna Base Camp trek? Comment below if you want to be part of this medium adventurous trek.