How to prepare for Manaslu Region Trekking

How to prepare for Manaslu Region Trekking

Preparation for Manaslu region trekking, an adventure around Mid-Western Himalaya, within the district of Gorkha that ends at Manang area. A wonderful and mesmerizing trekking experience walking within dramatic landscapes of high snow mountains, green hills, and scenic valleys. Certainly, one of the most exciting adventures to venture into, where one needs good preparation before and after booking the trip.

Restricted and Thrilling Journey to Manaslu Himalayas

How to prepare for Manaslu Region Trekking, where all should know and must be aware of the Himalayan country. Before you plan and make up your mind for this wonderful Manaslu Circuit Trekking that leads you around beautiful surroundings. Manaslu region is not only famous for its scenic views, but the local cultures of Manaslu people are also equally fascinating. There are various ways that one must know and understand when planning this great adventure in the Manaslu region.

The first thing is going through the websites of Nepal High Treks & Expedition, and searching for the right treks. After reading and understanding the length and duration of the treks, and the condition of the trekking routes and trails. Then contact the respective company in Katmandu-Nepal for further information and trip details, what’s included in the trip cost. As well as requirements for the adventure on Manaslu region trekking, from clothing to other legal formalities.

Keep Fit & Healthy

One should know that the Manaslu region, where one cannot trek solo as individual travelers, is known as FIT. A Free Individual Travelers, for the Manaslu region, needs a minimum of 2-3 people, as this trek falls within Restricted Areas. Where all are required to obtain a special permit to enter the upper Manaslu Region from above Jagat village. The higher region of Manaslu was closed to outside visitors for many years, which was open from 1991. Although the areas of trekking are quite new, raw, and fresh since it was allowed for foreign travelers.

But at present, for the past ten years, Manaslu region trekking has gained much popularity with the main flow of trekkers. The reason is a new fresh country to venture around Nepal Himalayas, as other areas are flooded with trekkers. For interested adventurers, and trekkers in search of new destinations around the Nepal Himalayas, this will be a perfect choice and option. In preparation for Manaslu region trekking, after booking one should be in good physical shape and in sound health.

How to Prepare for Manaslu Region Trekking?

The first preparation after booking a minimum month ahead, check your physical abilities by doing exercise for an hour or less. Walking, jogging, running or aerobics,s and swimming as well as other physical exercises to make your body fit and able. Constantly check with your medical doctor in case of any symptoms that require special medical attention. Like dietary, or with other medical history and background and what sort of medicine to carry for the trek.

The next step is learning some information about the country, the landscapes, temperatures or climate, and local culture. One needs to know do’s and don’ts in respecting the culture, and religions including eco-trekking as a responsible trekker. Checking how much extra money is needed on daily walks, besides paying the trip cost, should know what currencies are accepted. As well for the expenses while in Kathmandu for meals and other entertainments or buying gifts and souvenirs.

Travel Insurance Mandatory For The Trip

The most important is that all trekkers should buy Medical and Travel Insurance which is compulsory when traveling in Himalayan countries. Medical Insurance in case of sudden illness like some might catch AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) which can happen to all. Anytime and anywhere on this high altitude adventure, especially on crossing Larke-La Pass at 5,160 m / 16, 752 feet.

Besides AMS, one can expect loose motion and diarrhea not actually from the hygiene and food quality or drinking water. Can happen to anyone due to air pressure, change of environment, culture shocks, or not being used to spicy foods. For critical situations, one needs to be evacuated by the fastest means of transportation, the quickest way is by helicopter service.

Medical Insurance should cover all expenses incurred, including the service of helicopters and hospital bills with extra nights in Kathmandu. General medical insurance does include this type of emergency service as per the age group and areas of trekking. Travel Insurance should cover in case of unfortunate events like roadblocks due to landslides, avalanches, or bad weather conditions. Sometimes the trek can be delayed or leads to cancellation as well to postpone, as well.

Help the local travel companies and people

The company may re-route and divert the trip to other safe areas, in this case, no refund is entertained. Where Travel Insurance should cover the extra cost incurred apart from the trip cost, which happens on rare occasions. But to be on the safe side must take precautionary measures ahead, where insurance will be a great help. After the purchase of Travel and Medical Insurance is knowing the swift and shortest air route to Kathmandu at a low cost. If possible as per the seasonal wise, on getting the flight reservation and confirmation for both ways.

Inform your trekking agency in Kathmandu, so that they can pick you up on time on arrival at Kathmandu airport. The next thing in preparation for Manaslu region trekking is choosing the best seasons for pre-booking. Springtime is from March to May and autumn starts from September to November, these are the perfect time for trekking.

As per the season, book and plan for the ongoing trip, and inform how many trekkers are in the group. Where a minimum of 2-3 people are allowed to join in for the Manaslu circuit with Tsum Valley trekking, being the restricted area. Please be informed about the overnight lodge accommodation and meals standard provided on route Manaslu Circuit trekking.

Experience the Local Accommodation with cuisines

Normally the trip cost is based on twin-sharing room accommodation in Kathmandu, and on trekking. Let the local company know that you are flexible in sharing rooms with other trekkers or need a single room supplementary. For a single room, supplementary will be at an extra cost on top of the trip cost, which all should be aware of. The next phase of preparation after getting enough exercise and staying healthy for the trek is packing the right gear.

Normally on booking and acquiring information, where all clients get the clothing gear list, some companies depend upon trip cost. Will provide down jackets, sleeping bags and duffel bags for the trekking, if not included can bring the needed items with you. If it’s too much to carry from home as per flight weight limitation, one can buy or rent in Kathmandu. Before the trek departures, on booking the trip one should inform the company about the guide, staff, and porters. It will be good to know beforehand about the guide’s profile and experience in trekking as well as the areas.

Find an affordable package and book the trip with expert local team

On choosing the right airlines that connect to Kathmandu directly or with transit with other flights. Make sure of arrival dates and time of landing at Kathmandu and Nepal Tribhuvan International Airport. Before you depart for Kathmandu, great to know what to expect on Manaslu Circuit trekking routes. From walking trails, climate, culture, and lodges on overnight stops, and most importantly the foods on local lodges.

If you need special dietary inform the company and guide as well that you are allergic to some food items. The local agent will follow your requirements throughout your stay in Nepal, as well as on trekking. Manaslu Region Trekking involves drives both ways, it is best to acquire some information regarding the vehicle and road condition. Be prepared for the long drive to the start of trekking and at the end. Where mountain motorable can be quite bumpy and rough in some places with winding ups and down drives.

Resume the postponed trips to Nepal

Best to be prepared and to know the overall situation of Nepal and for the trekking, as well after COVID-19. Flowers and nature lovers can inform the company of the best time for trekking, during spring the hills are alive. During the wildflowers in seasonal bloom from miniature violets to tall trees flowers of rhododendron and magnolia. When planning and with preparation for Manaslu region trekking it’s best to have a map of the trekking area. Either get the most knowledge from Google or buy the best maps of the areas in Kathmandu at bookstores.

The other preparation for the Manaslu region trekking is what is best to carry during the day walks. As per the season, and if you have a good appetite eat small snacks in between main meals. It will be good to carry some light foodstuff, like dry fruits and nuts or cookies. As well be prepared to carry good strong water bottles, the main items for high-altitude walks.

Besides several things to carry, make sure that you will enjoy the adventure on Manaslu Circuit trekking. Get as much information about the trekking region before you depart from your home country. The most important of all things to get prepared for is obtaining a Nepal entry visa. Which you can get from respective countries at the Nepalese Embassy or Consulates if it’s a problem. One can get on arrival at the airport, carrying required passport-size photos and cash in convertible currency. If you are looking for cultural and moderate treks in Nepal the Annapurna region treks and Langtang region treks are would be an excellent journey to explore and discover the flora and fauna.