How to prepare for the trek to Everest Base Camp ?

How to prepare for the trek to Everest Base Camp ?

How to prepare for the trek to Everest base camp, an important and necessary subject where all interested trekkers should be well aware so that one can enjoy the adventure. Everest base camp trek takes you at above 5,364 m and 17, 598 feet high, beneath the world tallest peak Mt. Everest, and as well with optional hike and climb to the highest top of the adventure at Kalapathar 5, 643 m and 18,514 feet.

In comparison to other treks around Nepal Himalaya, adventure to Everest base camp involves high altitude walks, where all trekkers require good physical fitness and with a south medical background. Hence to enjoy the trek without much struggle on a steep uphill, for some can lead to strenuous physical and mental frustration, but in the end, all will be delighted after having a marvelous time facing the beautiful scenery of the world’s highest peaks.  Everest base camp trek located around Nepal Far North Mid-East Himalaya within the district of Solu-Khumbu, but usually, the upper region from Lukla onward called Khumbu. The country of hardy and tough Sherpa tribe the highlanders of Everest, renowned as pioneering trekking and mountaineering guides.

Who have supported thousands of trekkers and climbers to reach on top Mt. Everest since Tenzing accompanied and guided Edmund Hillary for British Expedition in 1953. Preparation for the hike to Everest base camp not only for its high altitude terrain of ups and downhill but knowing the local culture of the Sherpa people as well. So that one can get familiarized with Khumbu village traditions and heritage life before departing for the trek to Everest base camp, to make your trip more interesting and fun.

Preparation for the Everest base camp trek starts from the time of your booking with abroad travel agencies or local trekking and adventure companies in Kathmandu, where respective agents will provide you with detailed information on how to prepare for the trek to Everest base camp. Those who are not much healthy and with poor physical fitness can start work-out as per your doctor’s and physician’s advice where and how to practice exercise for the upcoming Everest base camp trek in 2021.

Travelers generally start with exercise before and after trek booking, where you need to follow the instructions as per your instructor not overdoing too much, that might harms you. Daily routine exercises such as running, jogging, walking up and down the staircase, swimming, and any other physical activities for a few hours. As well as joining Aerobic and Zumba class to stay fit and able for the trek to Everest base camp, and as well as for yourself staying healthy and fit always.

Furthermore, besides daily exercise one needs to apply for a visa from respective countries to obtain the visa for Nepal from Nepalese Embassies or consulates, lastly, if it is not possible from your home country due to certain reasons and conditions. Where travelers can also obtain a visa on arrival at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport as per your time and holiday duration in Nepal for the trek to Everest base camp.

In addition, preparation for the Everest base camp trekking comes to packing needful belonging like clothing, one of the major items for the trek as per the carry list, provided by your agents for EBC trek. Most of the clothing list as per different season-wise, for instance, spring, summer, autumn, and winter, wherefore trekkers need warmer gear in autumn/fall and winter times. Spring season is fairly warm during the day, however cold morning and night time with freezing chill factor adding extra cool temperatures, where trekkers must prepare with excellent gear to enjoy the views and walks on Everest base camp.

Most trekking companies on a booking will provide a list of clothing and what to carry, including personal items and making sure of electric gadgets and appliances to suit the local voltage on the trek to Everest base camp. Make sure that most abroad and some reputed local company also provides down / duvet jackets as well sleeping bags which if it’s included in the trip cost, however, one can hire and rent at trekking shops and stores in Kathmandu, if it’s too much to carry from home. Besides all major preparations with clothing gear and proper documents such as obtaining travel and medical insurance, trekkers require to carry a personal medical kit as per your doctor’s advice.

Furthermore, travel and medical insurance are most important on this trek to Everest base camp in case of an unfortunate situation like accidents and severe illness where one needs safe evacuation to the nearest medical post or hospital. Preparation for the Everest Treks and climbing also depends upon choosing the right seasons of the year, and as well booking your international flight tickets to reach Kathmandu on the right date mentioned before the main trek departure.

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