Is Everest Base Camp Trek Open for 2021?

Is Everest Base Camp Trek open for 2021

Everest the highest mountain in the world is undoubtedly the most renowned bucket list travel plan. I am sure you might have planned your trip for 2020. Unfortunately, the Covid 19 pandemic halted the adventure of your lifetime. So, how about 2021? Is Everest Base Camp Trek open for 2021?

There are numerous unanswered questions about Nepal. Therefore, people have been inquiring about the travel issues related to Nepal. Also, What is the condition of COVID 19 in Nepal? Can we Travel to Nepal after the Pandemic? How to get an arrival visa for Travel? Is Nepal open for EBC Trek 2021? Absolutely! It is open.

Is Everest Base Camp Trek open for 2021?

Evidently, Nepal is open officially for Everest Base Camp Trek. Besides, Trekkers and mountaineers were allowed to visit Nepal in October. So, it is more possible in 2021. Make your wish to visit Everest come true.

With the negative PCR report taken within 72 hours before departure from your homeland, you can get an entry Visa. One can take information on a visa from the Nepal Ministry of  Immigration, Similarly, Trekkers and mountaineers can obtain visas from the travel agency before arrival also.

However, the condition of Nepal is becoming normal day by day. Airlines, Transportation, Hotels, Malls, Shops, and even schools are open too.

To be frank, Nepal is not in the risky zone of the pandemic. Brace yourself. Again, prepare for the EBC Trek. Mountains and the high hills are waiting to trek with you safely in 2021.

Why should you go to the Everest Trekking?

EBC trek starts with an exciting mountain flight with amazing vistas of the high mountains. This trek not just provides magnificent views but delight you with the intense knowledge of Himalayan culture and socialization. Interacting with the locals about their lifestyles and taking pictures of the innocent children really makes your trip unique.

Starting from Lukla you will get into the small cozy Namche bazaar. Imagining such a bright market at the height of 3440m is really impossible in the other corner of the world. But the Everest region is quite successful in providing such facilities that every single penny you spend would worth it. From 5 stars hotel to the minor teahouse, a popular bakery, gear shop and soon. You will be startled to see the different worlds within the Khumbu region.

If you have never been to the Everest region. Please go once in a lifetime cause it’s a different feeling to be in the top chilling part of the world. You will surely feel calm and become stable for once after seeing the panorama which is incomparable to heaven.

What is the benefit of doing EBC Trek in 2021?

Well, you might be wondering with curiosity. Why Trek Everest Base Camp in 2021? Are there any advantages in 2021? Yes, of course, there is the benefit to doing Everest Base Camp Trek in 2021.

Early Booking

When you book Trekking in Nepal earlier, there remains a huge chance of a discount. In the same way, if you reserve Everest Base Camp Trek in 2020. You would get the best price and morning flight for EBC Trek in 2021. That’s the advantage you have booked the trip early.

Inexpensive Flight

Eventually, booking the Trekking very earlier will make your flights cost low. One can choose a variety of flight options from early booking. Furthermore, the delay in the Lukla flight can be avoided by early booking.

Connect with nature, Disconnect with technology

As people suffered harshly due to the pandemic in 2020. Everest Base Camp Trek is such a solution to mend your unhealthy life. People say we are a “sad generation with happy faces”. Generation influenced by the digital world. let’s break the stereotypes and enjoy nature in 2021.

Authentic creation of the god comprising divine beauty. Not only the natural beauty but the conjunction of culture and religion makes EBC Trek more lively. You get close to nature and the local community. Experience the organic living of the community to avoid yourself from mental as well as physical problems.

Everest Region Treks

Inevitable fitness

Fitness is the free reward for the EBC Trek. Daily Trekking for about 4/5 hours and drinking a lot of water will eventually activate your physical strength. The everyday walking benefits you from heart diseases too.

Henceforth join Trekking in Nepal as Fitness goes hand in hand with Trekking in Nepal. All in all, you will be doing EBC Trek at a customized price and high-quality service in 2021.

Why catch up with Everest Base Camp Trek in 2021?

Yes, You should go to Everest Base Camp Trek once in a lifetime since it’s a legendary trek. But why in 2021? Seriously, What’s special?

Personally, I think, after the COVID 19 pandemic all over the world. People are seeking chances to go out and rejuvenate themselves in nature. Not to mention the Everest Base Camp Trek which is the topmost Trekking to the Himalayas. In other words, this Trek is going to be a great source of natural healing and spiritual awakening for travelers in 2021.

Spiritual awakening, is there a healing mantra in Nepal?

In the first place, there is no such healing mantra in Nepal. But the monasteries of the Himalayas and their meditating steps will solve your problems for real. Indeed, Spiritual awakening is important to lead a happy life.

Know the real purpose of life in monasteries of the Himalayas. Think differently, bring compassion to your heart, and be kind to all the creatures. Since ancient meditators (Sadhu and yogi) meditate and did yoga in the Himalayas. Many monks and religious practicers still want to cultivate in the mountains. They love the Himalayas for the reason to stay away from crowds and noises. They could focus on enlightenment only in a calm and peaceful state.

Thus, we can conclude that the Himalayas is the best destination to achieve spiritual happiness. To calm yourself. To decrease mental illness.

EBC Trek Plan After Covid 19

Natural Healing

Huge jungles sparkling with wildflowers, surrounded by Mountains and Hills is no other than Sagarmatha National Park. This Park of the Everest region is a UNESCO listed world heritage sites. It preserves the rare flora and fauna which is precious to Nepal as well as for mother nature.

Walking through the narrow path between the giant trees makes you feel the real trekking. Inhaling the fresh air and flowing with the song of the river is sure gonna make your trips worthwhile.

In addition, human beings are part of nature. And we have to go back to nature after death. So why not enjoy the blessing of nature? Embrace nature and it’s beauty to heal yourself. To make memories. To live life to the fullest. Find the real you with the nurturing of nature.

Beneficial advice

Get your mind and soul refresh in a peaceful environment in the Himalayas. Indeed, the thin fresh air and pure Himalayan water are full of high vigor.

In addition to this, the chanting of the monks in the monastery is surely going to heal you deeply in the Everest region. So catch up with Everest in 2021 and stop to think “Is Everest Base Camp Trek open in 2021?”. Take action. Enjoy 2021.

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