Khumjung Village

Khumjung Village

Khumjung Village is located in a glacial valley around the high Khumbu and Everest regions. A few hours’ climb from the famous Namche Bazaar and it’s quite different from other main villages on route Everest base camp. Situated below the sacred mountain Khumbi-La 5,761 m / 18,901 feet high the patron god of Khumbu Sherpa. The Khumjung with the close sister village of Khunde is a mere distance of less than an hour’s walk.

The Massive Authentic Sherpa Village

Where late Sir Edmund Hillary built the first hospital in Khunde, including the only high school in Khumjung. Khumjung and Khunde, are quant sleepy villages where trekkers seldom venture for acclimatization walks on rest days at Namche Bazaar. Quite different from other villages, which have turned into commercial places.

Like Namche Bazaar and other villages on route Everest base camp wholly dependent on tourism. Khumjung and Khunde remain isolated from mainstream trekking trails and retain old-time glories and traditional ways of farming. Makes Khumjung a special village to explore and observe the true culture and traditions of Sherpa customs.

Most visitors spend overnights in Namche Bazaar on treks to various adventure destinations around high scenic Khumbu. Very few travelers often visit and stop at Khumjung for overnight stops. Over the past decades, the village has grown providing many good lodges to draw more visitors.

 Places To Explore Around Khumjung Village

While visiting Khumjung, staying overnights or just for a day hike from Namche Bazaar. The very place to visit is its monastery an interesting old 500 years Buddhist Gompa, situated above the main village.

The only monastery that treasures a purported scalp of a Yeti, is kept secure in a glass box. Visitors can witness the brown / ginger-colored Yeti scalp by offering some donations within the main prayer hall. Enriched with antique Buddhist scripts and a huge statue of Lord Sakyamuni Buddha and Guru Padamasamba a 7th-century saint. The founder of Red Hat or Nyingma which is a popular sect of Buddhism, followed by the Sherpa. Also practiced by a few other Himalayan major tribes Gurung, Tamang, Manang, and Mustang, including the Thakali people.

After an interesting tour of the old monastery or Gompa, explore the villages and witness the local traditional farm activities. Here one can experience the true Sherpa cultures of Buddhism as it was hundreds of years ago.

At Khumjung, with time visit the one and only High Secondary School built with the support of late mountaineer Edmund Hillary. At present managed by Himalayan Trust, the high school was completed in 1961, and hundreds of children of Khumbu villages attend. From all around nearby villages as far from Namche Bazaar with boarding or hostel facilities for remote areas students.

A short hike to its adjoining village of Khunde, a place with only medical posts and a hospital. Which was supported and built by the late Hillary and his Foundation with Himalayan Trust. Khunde at 3,850 m high a scenic location facing grand views of high snow-capped peaks range.

Above Khumjung village on a high ridge stands the first luxury Everest View Hotel at 3,880 m high. A short steep climb to the deluxe standard hotel built in the 1970s, a great scenic spot. Visitors can enjoy superb views of Mt. Everest, and Lhotse by having a cup of warm refreshment. Located amidst beautiful pines, firs, and rhododendron forest surroundings can be reached from Namche Bazaar after a few hours of climb.

Facilities in Khumjung Village

For trekkers visiting lovely traditional Khumjung village, can find nice accommodation from the budget, standard to luxury comfort. Khumjung with many shops, cafés, and bakeries within the village premises, this lovely scenic settlement has modern communications. Likewise hydroelectricity the internet and mobile and landline phones and a small hospital at Khunde of less than an hour’s walk.

When to visit Khumjung Village

The best time to visit Khumjung village and around high Khumbu is during springtime from March to May. Including autumn/fall starts from September to November, travelers can enjoy walking to Khumjung in the winter season.

From December to February, where most days are clear for views and walks, but cold morning and night time. Chances of snowfall during late autumn, and winter as well in the spring season sometimes. But an enjoyable and scenic and exciting place to explore Khumjung and Khunde villages, to experience the Sherpa culture and custom.

Alternative & Short Trekking Route

When you hiking to Everest Base Camp don’t miss Khumjung and Khunge villages. These villages offer you to explore hidden cultures too. If you have a short holiday in Nepal we highly recommend the Everest panorama with Khumjung villages trek. This trek can be completed within 6-7 days from Kathmandu. Furthermore, it’s a short and low adventure trek in the Everest region.

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