Manaslu Circuit Trek Update For 2023

Manaslu Circuit Trek Update For 2023

Nepal is heaven for solo traveling. Lots of international surveys show that the country is safe to travel to. There is hardly any news of tourist traps. People are friendly and helpful around the Manaslu region. If you are planning to do the Manaslu Circuit Trek Update For 2023 let’s collect the information of the trip. You can simply fly to Nepal and get a visa on arrival. Fill up some forms and travel to any destination. The pros and cons of traveling solo are there. However, the bottom line is that you can travel solo freely. But there are a few destinations inside Nepal where you cannot travel solo. You will have to get a special permit from Nepal Government. Before hiking to the Manaslu region collect the particular info as well.

Manaslu Circuit Trek 2024/2025

Manaslu Region region is an isolated and restricted region in Nepal. It’s a special and unique natural place to explore the discover the flora and fauna. If you’re planning to do the Manaslu Circuit Trek in near the future you should know about some local rules. However, At least should be two trekkers in a group and a government license holder guide complete the trek. These places are Restricted Trekking Destinations in Nepal. Manaslu, Upper Mustang, Dolpo, Kanchenjunga, and Ganesh Himal regions are special places. Among these places, Manaslu is the most popular one. The Manaslu Circuit Trek is the adventure walking journey towards the abode of the world’s 8th tallest mountain Mt. Manaslu.

There are many things that a trekker must know before going on Manaslu Circuit Trek. The blog tries to highlight the important things that you mustn’t miss out on.

Here is the list of things to know for Manaslu Circuit Trek For 2023.

Solo Trekker is Not Allowed

If you are thinking of doing a solo trek in Manaslu, it is not possible. It is strictly prohibited by the Nepal Government. Even if the trail is commercial now, a very less number of people travel. From a safety point of view also solo traveling is not allowed in the area. Trekkers have to get a special permit from the Nepal Government. The major condition for the trek is that you must trek in a group of at least two members.

Experience A Unique Diverse Culture and Nature

Manaslu region is filled by diverse cultures and nature. It’s probably the most fascinating and preferred trekking region in Nepal. There are many hidden elements of flora and fauna. Besides you can experience the diverse cultures of Gurung, Tamang, and Tibetails. These ethnic groups have brilliant cultures and customs. As well as local Tibetan Buddhist culture and various monasteries make a trip unforgettable too. If you’re a nature lover you can soak into the marvelous nature and culture. This trek is also as know the culture Manaslu Trek and this trekking trail combines the Tsum Valley, lower Manaslu Valley, and the popular Annapurna Circuit.

Get a License Holder Guide

Manaslu Region is a restricted area in Nepal. You cannot just hire a local porter or a guide and do the trek. It is mandatory to have the Nepal Government License holder guide. Your guide must have travel insurance and an identity card. This rule had applicable for a long time for the safety trip in Nepal.

Travel Insurance

Before embarking on a trek, buy travel insurance. The insurance must cover helicopter rescue, emergency accidents, medical expenses, and trip cancellations. The agency will do the insurance of staff but you must do your insurance yourself.

Get ACAP & MCAP permits

Manaslu Circuit Trek is the only trekking that requires four permits. They are ACAP, MCAP, TIMS, and Special Restricted Area Permit. ACAP stands for Annapurna Conservation Area Project. MCAP stands for Manaslu Conservation Area Project. TIMS stands for Trekkers’ Information Management System. Regarding the permit cost, each day should pay $10 dollar for restricted areas including 8 days and the normal permit cost is US$30 for the whole trip.

Expect Basic Lodging Facilities

High-altitude places on the trekking trail have very few lodges. These lodges offer very basic lodging facilities. Don’t expect lavish accommodation. During peak season, trekkers might have to spend overnight in a dining hall. However, the dining hall is warmer than the rooms as there is a heated wooden oven in the dining hall.

Landslide, Rivers & Suspension Bridges

The trail is landslide-prone and has numerous rivers/streams. In most places, river crossing is done by using suspension bridges. However, in some places, you will have to cross the river as it is. Therefore, don’t jump into the river. Always heed the instructions of the guide. We would not recommend the Manaslu region treks in the monsoon season because it would be a very high chance to landslide around the valley. Hence, Spring and autumn is the best time to do the trek to Manaslu or another region too.

Larkya La Pass (5160 m)

Larkya La Pass (5160 m) is one of the most fascinating and challenging passes in the Manaslu Region. The Larkya La pass is quite hard to cross in the winter season. On the top of Larkya La Pass is a delightful place to explore the marvelous views of the Himalayas and the 8th tallest peak mt Manaslu.

Overall, Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost in Nepal is splendid off the beaten trekking course. You get to see multiethnic villages, terraced farmlands, rivers, and mountains. Trek on this tranquil and restricted trekking trail of Nepal. If you would like you can extend your trek further by adding Annapurna Circuit Trek too. Besides the Manaslu Region, you can do some memorable adventures at Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, or Langtang Valley. These treks are not restricted you can get cheaper permits than the Manaslu special permit