Nepal High Trek Celebrated 9th Anniversary with Friends & Team

Nepal High Trek celebrated 9th Anniversary with Friends & Team

On 7th March 2015, Nepal High Trek And Expedition officially started its operation in the field of Nepalese Tourism. Trekking was the only activity that the agency started as its first service. Fast forward to 9 years, the company is impeccably providing services like trekking, tours, volunteering, adventure sports, flights, peak climbing, heritage tours, educational tours, and many customizable treks and tours across Nepal, India, Tibet, and Bhutan.

To commemorate the wonderful achievements gained by the agency, the company celebrated its 9th Anniversary on 15th January 2024 with Friends, Team Members & Families. It was an eventful day. The agency wanted to recognize the dedication, loyalty, passion, and hard work put forward by its team members through an outdoor event. Therefore, a picnic was organized.

Company Picnic in Kakani

Kakani is the famous hill station near Kathmandu Valley. The place is about 23 kilometers from the capital city and situated at an altitude of 2030 m. For a company that deals with natural beauty and cultural attractions, the celebration needs to be in a place that resembles the vision as well as the theme of the company. Kakani was selected as the venue for the 9th Anniversary with Friends, Team Members & Families. Overlooking the towering mountains of Langtang region including the glimpses of Jugal and Ganesh Himal; the celebration happened in a jovial mood.

The main purpose of this picnic was to celebrate the 9th Anniversary of the Nepal High Trek Pvt. Ltd. However, the picnic was organized to increase the camaraderie, brotherhood, and teamwork among the stakeholders of the agency. All the team members enjoyed the delicious food and danced to the folk songs. They played games and shared their stories!

Shared the Past Experiences

Trekking guides and climbing leaders of the Nepal High Trek Pvt. Ltd. shared their interesting travel tales. Some tales were funny, some were inspiring, and some were filled with mountaineering intrepidity. At the celebration, there were Mountain Climbing Guides, Porters, Travel Planners, Trekking Guides, Tour Guides, Site Developer, Airport Representatives, and families. Almost every department of the agency was involved in the celebration. They shared the tales of their own fields! People were empathizing as well as congratulating one another during the event. Overall, the event made it possible to bring all the team members ever close.

Mr. Anjan Tamang the CEO of the company put some light on the establishment of the agency. According to Mr. Tamang, the agency was formed purely with the passion to provide impeccable hospitality and quality services to the clients. After accumulating experience in the field of Nepal tourism for about 17 year, he felt that the time was right for him to open his own agency. At the age of 35, people around him doubted. He was determined to put his experiences and dreams into this project.
Before 2015 the trekking and touring industry of Nepal used to operate traditionally. Therefore, Mr. Tamang felt that Nepal must aim for sustainable tourism. To achieve the dream of sustainable tourism in Nepal, the agency has to work smartly and eco-friendly. Thus, formed the Nepal High Trek with lots of enthusiasm and ambition. Our team is very familiar with the Everest region, Annapurna region, Manaslu region, Langtang region, and many more trekking routes around the Himalayas of Nepal.

After sharing the hardship that Mr. Tamang endured during the early phase of the company’s establishment. He shared the upcoming plans too.

Nepal High Trek Picnic Program 2024

Nepal High Trek Pvt. Ltd. Notable Achievements in these 9 Years

During these many years, the Nepal High Trek Pvt. Ltd. has achieved so many things in the field of Nepal Tourism. Among many trekking agencies based in Nepal, the agency stood out from the rest due to its working principle. For the company, travelers are always the first priority. The company believes consistently in delivering services that exceed the guests’ expectations and investment on the trip.

Here is the list of the notable achievements out of many during these 9 years of operations:

  • TripAdvisor Achievement Excellence Certificate
  • Best Trip Operator Award by TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal)
  • Excellence Award by various International Travel Agencies like Tour Radar, Get Your Guide, etc.
  • Rural Municipality Promotion Award
  • The Best Eco-Friendly Trip Promoter Award
  • Brand Ambassador of Ganga Jamuna Rural Municipality Tourism
  • Best Organic and Local Traditional Products Promoter Award
  • Over 7 thousand Travelers from over 50 Countries

Future Promises & Aspirations

On the day of the celebration, Mr. Anjan Tamang, the CEO of Nepal High Trek Pvt. Ltd. shared many interesting promises and future aspirations. The company will enter its decade-long years of operation from here on. Therefore, Mr. Tamang highlighted that the agency has many responsibilities. These responsibilities are towards the people working for the agency, trip-hosting places, local people, and sustainability in the overall tourism industry of Nepal. Furthermore, Mr. Tamang highlighted that the agency will expand its operations into countries like India, Tibet, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan.

As a part of corporate social responsibility, Nepal High Trek And Expedition Pvt. Ltd. will be working closely with the local government of the trek or trip hosting destination. The agency will work on the promotion and mobilization of local resources. Moreover, the agency will also work on conserving the environment of the trail and area. The creation of more jobs to the locals and also to conduct training classes for the local people about hospitality services. Therefore, the future looks bright for the Nepal High Trek.

An eventful day on top of Kakani Hill was momentous to many. People working for the betterment of the agency and for the better experiences to the guests came together. The bond became strong. The families were introduced. The stories were re-told! The camaraderie was established!

Lastly, On behalf of Nepal High Trek And Expedition Pvt. Ltd., we would like to offer the greatest thanks to all the travelers who chose the agency as their travel companion or travel operator. Every one of these clients are valuable in bringing this company to this height.