Off the beaten path Treks in Nepal

Off the beaten path Treks in Nepal

Nepal is a treasure trove for trekkers, with numerous off the beaten path options that showcase the country’s natural beauty and cultural richness. Off the beaten path treks in Nepal highly offer peaceful journeys, various cultures, and stunning scenarios too.  It’s an iconic adventure in the harmony of perfect wilderness around the Himalayas of Nepal.  Where walk follows on hidden pockets, away from the mainstream trail, village, and beyond human civilization.

A great way to escape from the maddening crowd of trekkers, which you can encounter on main trails. Like Everest, Annapurna, and Langtang Himal region which has been much commercialized due to the main flow of trekkers. Nevertheless, in mainstream or off-the-beaten-path treks in Nepal, both options offer glorious and mesmerizing moments. A great choice for all types of adventurers and trekkers to enjoy and experience both sides of trekking areas.

Tranquility on Off-the-Beaten Journey in Nepal

Where one can feel the difference also in between main and off-the-beaten treks in Nepal. On mainstream trekking trails, the walk leads to lovely scenic views of beautiful landscapes and snow-capped peaks. Spending overnights in a local lodge within mountain villages, and time to explore the areas enriched with immense culture. The most popular trekking region in Nepal provides a wide range of nice, lovely accommodation comforts with good food to delight visitors.

This makes some areas like Annapurna, Everest, Manaslu, and Langtang one of the most preferable regions by the main flow of trekkers. From the late 1980s till the present, trekking has become popular due to easy assistance towards the Mid-East and Mid-Western Nepal Himalaya region. As the flow of trekkers increased where good lodges, resorts, and hotels mushroomed around the hills and mountain villages.

Various conveniences inspired the trekkers, with a choice of lodge comfort, and food all along the route from start to end. Besides great facilities, another reason is transportation, which makes the trek much shorter and much more accessible. All these assists made it much easier for trekking and have made most of the region more popular around Nepal Himalaya.

Relish the natural beauty &  hidden Culture

Trekkers who have trekked before in Nepal Himalaya, around main trekking areas, and in search of fresh new adventure destinations. There is a wide range for trekking on off-the-beaten-path treks in Nepal, from far-east to remote western Himalayas. Where trekkers can walk in the complete wilderness in the harmony of snow-mountain range, away from main trails and villages. On-off-the-beaten-path tracks add to a different experience, staying in tented camping leads to true adventure. Trekkers can find the charm and beauty of trekking off the beaten path, which leads you away from the main trails. As the walk progresses heading beyond human settlements and villages for a week or more in absolute wilderness.

A great way to explore undisturbed areas, where only a few groups of trekkers seldom venture, due to its remote location. An enjoyable walk in complete tranquility within pristine surroundings, and being amidst a beautiful forest with only the sound of nature. There are various destinations around Nepal Himalaya for trekkers to enjoy walking off the beaten tracks. Where trail leads you to a serene, isolated, and unexplored region, walking into primitive farm villages.

Truly a wonderful way to enjoy the adventure around remote pockets of Nepal Himalaya off the beaten path.

Off the Beaten Path Treks, various destinations to choose from:

Around Nepal Himalaya, there are many isolated and hidden areas to choose from, from the far wild-west to the remote eastern region. As well as a few areas of the Mid-West and Mid-East, where only a few trekkers often venture.

Mt. Makalu base camp with Arun and Barun valleys:

Mt. Makalu stands as the world’s 5th highest peak at 8, 463 m and 27, 766 feet high, first climbed by French Expedition on May 15th, 1955. Located Nepal’s Far East Himalaya, which also falls on Off the Beaten Path, due to its remoteness.

A two-week trek that leads you through nice rural farm villages, after flying to Tumlingtar town airport from Kathmandu. Where drive involves for some hours to start the trek, a lovely trek that takes you beyond villages. A walk and climb progress on leaving the last Tashi-Gaon village towards complete isolation. Then over Kongma-La and Shipton La towards beautiful Barun Valley and finally at Makalu base camp 4,870 meters high.

Makalu base camp offers scenic views, where you will be enclosed within high snow peaks. Walking into serene rhododendron and pine forest from low warm farm areas to cooler hills then end at the arctic zone. A veteran adventurer can continue beyond Makalu base camp to Everest region crossing high Sherpani pass and Makalu West Col.

Mt. Kanchenjunga Base Camps:

A perfect adventure for people who love complete isolation, walking on remote corners of far eastern Himalayas. Mt. Kanchenjunga world’s 3rd highest peak at 8, 586 m / 28, 169 feet, first ascent by British Expedition in 1955. One of the few treks around the Himalayas that reach you on both base camps of one single mountain. Where you will have the opportunity to walk on South and North Base Camps in complete wilderness.

Mt. Kanchenjunga located far eastern end of Nepal Himalaya, one of the most remote corners, remains off the beaten path. The region is least ventured by only a few groups of trekkers each season of the year due to its remote location.

Milke Danda Trek

Milke Danda Trek is a remarkable journey in Nepal. It’s one of the scenic destinations around Nepal’s Far East Himalaya range between Mt. Makalu and Mt. Kanchenjunga. Besides, an Adventure of more than a week duration takes you to a beautiful village with marvelous views of the mountains. For nature lovers, this will be a perfect off-the-beaten-path trek in complete isolation for a week or more.

Lumba-Sumba and WalunchuGola Trek

An exciting off-the-beaten-path adventure takes you to far north at the end of eastern Himalaya, around the Kanchenjunga region. One of the least visited areas, slowly getting popular due to its amazing location. Walk follows on old Trans Himalaya Trade Route of Nepal and Tibet, the adventure leads to the high Lumba Sumba-La Pass. Which is above 5,000 m high and then downhill to join the Makalu trail with a flight from Tumlingtar back to Kathmandu.

Far Western Himalaya around Dolpo and Limi Valley

Trekkers with great interest in venturing around the least unexplored areas of Nepal, far west Himalayas offer various options. A true, off-the-beaten-path treks that take you to complete isolation on the far-hidden corners of Nepal.

Upper and Lower Dolpo

A great walk with a touch of high altitude crossing over 5,000 m high passes, the highlight of the trek. Is visiting beautiful Phoksundo Lake and the local impressive culture of both the Bon and Buddhism religions. One can continue heading high to

Upper Dolpo at Shey Gompa, the crystal monastery, is isolated from the rest of the country. Where flights involve both ways to start and finish this glorious adventure of a lifetime experience.

Humla and Limi Valley

Another exciting trek off the beaten path is around the far northwest close to the frontier of the Tibet border. A marvelous walk in pure wilderness, where only very few trekkers often visit this beautiful region. A trek of more than two weeks with flights both ways from Kathmandu via Nepalgunj to Simikot hill town.

Around the Far West, there are more interesting destinations on off-the-beaten trails to Rara Lake, Khaptad, and Api-Saipal Base Camp Trek

Other ‘Off the Beaten Path

Around popular areas of Langtang, Everest, and Annapurna Himalaya region there are few hidden corners, where few trekkers seldom venture. Similarly, Nepal North Mid-East and Mid-West offer beautiful remote areas for interested trekkers. Like Ganesh Himal, Tsum Valley, and Ruby Valley trekking, as well Rupina-La pass trek.

Seasons for off-the-beaten-path treks:

Due to its remote and isolated location, best to trek at on right time of the season which is from March to the end of May. During springtime when most days are clear with longer sun-light hours. The next best season is autumn from September to November months. Although cold morning and night days are fine and clear for walks and views, with chances of snow sometimes. 

These off-the-beaten-path treks in Nepal offer unique and less crowded experiences for trekkers, allowing you to immerse yourself in the country’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.