Our Team

  • Name : Anjan Tamang Designation: Founder & Managing Director

      Anjan Tamang with an experience of over a decade of trekking around Nepal Himalaya leading wide-world travelers with enjoyable holiday adventure, at present, established Nepal High Trek & Expedition which is running successfully for more than five years. Mr. Anajan Tamang with his position...

  • Name : Anupama Tamang Designation: Travel Advisor

    Anupama Tamang Travel Advisor “Where there is a will, there is a way” perfectly defines our one of the young team members, AnupamaTamang who had pursuit in this position because of her smart work. She is a student who aspires to flourish in the tourism...

  • Name : Pawan Tamang Designation: Senior Trekking Guide

    Mr. PawanTamang hails from the mountainous region of Solu at a mere distance from Everest and other high Himalayan peaks, born and raised within farm villages started his career in tourism since the last ten years and still leading trek with wide-world travelers. A pleasant...

  • Name : Prabin Tamang Designation: Senior Trekking Guide

    Prabin Tamang one of the professional and expert guides with a decade of experience in his trekking career born and bred in Himalayan mid-hills within the pristine environment around rural farm villages of Eastern Himalaya of Nepal. Mr. Prabin Tamang like his other colleague of...

  • Name : Shyam Tamang Designation: Mountain Guide

    Shyam Tamang hails from the Everest region where he was born and grew up on the hills of Mid Eastern Nepal in the shade of towering Mt. Everest. Started his trekking career after working as apprentice guide and then after seven years of good experience...

  • Name : Subodh Tamang Designation: Mountain Guide

    Subodh Tamang a young and energetic trekking guide with experience of more than seven years in the tourism industry, leading treks to wide-world travelers all around Nepal Himalayan destination with his expert and professional attitude and excellent services that he offers to his clients on...

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