We had a wonderful time trekking with NHT Team. We trekked to Annapurna base camp at the end of January. We had a fantastic time with Nepal High Trek Team and found Anjan and Pawan to be incredibly welcoming, kind and caring. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommended them if you are thinking of trekking in Nepal. From picking us up at the airport to lending us additional trekking gear, to assisting with great accommodation either side of the trek, our trek was very well organised. Anjan was very flexible along the trek allowing us to trek at our own pace which we enjoyed. Each night we were treated to fresh apples and pomegranates for dessert which was awesome after a long day of hiking. We saw lots of animals along the trek which Anjan and Pawan were good at finding and the villages you pass through and people you meet along the way were one of the highlights of our trip. We are very grateful for the time getting to know these guys and would definitely recommend them for your future adventures.

Country : Australia, Canberra

Trekking : Ghorepani Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Start Date : 27/01/2017

Ending Date : 07/02/2017

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Mobile No:+61418597354


“We had a wonderful time trekking with Anjan and Nepal High Trek. We trekked to Annapurna base camp at the end of winter. We had a fantastic time and found Anjan and Pawan to be incredibly welcoming, kind and caring. Nepal High Trek had provided us customize price, best services as quality food, Accommodation, best guide, sherpa, trekking gears, fresh apple and pomegranate. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommended them if you are thinking of trekking in Nepal. They went above and beyond to make sure we had a great time “ Jess  and Katie

Country : Australia

Trekking : Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Start Date : 24/01/2017

Ending Date : 03/02/2017

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My first trek in Nepal was great, all thanks to Mr Anjan. Nepal High Trek provided a good rate, comprehensive package and good company by Mr Anjan himself!

Throughout the trek, my friend and I felt very safe, thanks to his professionalism and knowledge about the terrain, the mountains and the region. There was never a point where we felt that anything was amiss and it was wonderful. I liked that everything was provided for in your package price – from airport transfer, accommodation to daily meals and even toilet roll! It makes things so much easier this way and you can hike in peace without any worries. He also provided trekking poles which helped a lot.

Mr Anjan was knowledgeable about the mountains and where we were going. He kept the pace slow and steady as we gained altitude. Our porter that accompanied us was good company as well and so strong, carrying our heavy bags over the rocky terrain. Mr Anjan also made sure that we were well looked after each day, settling our meals and making sure we had blankets to tide us through the cold nights! All your needs are taken care of.

If you are going on a trek to Nepal, I highly recommend Mr Anjan and his company. You’ll sure be in for a fantastic time. Cheers!

Name : Audrey NG

Country : Singapore

Trekking Region : Annapurna Base Camp

Date : 22/12/2016

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“The Annapurna Base Camp trek with Nepal High Trek has been an amazing experience for me. Every day we are surrounded by beautiful forests , gushing rivers and cascading water falls and gorgeous night skies filled with stars along some of the routes. Our guide and Porter were friendly and helpful and made our trek much easier by their cheerfulness and hospitality . I would recommend the Annapurna Base Camp trek to anyone who loves awesome views of mountains at such close range .

Name: Jeanne Tan
Country: Singapore

Trekking Region : Annapurna Base Camp

Date : 11/01/2017


What can I say about Nepal High Trek..? Nepal High Trek company overall is a really easy going happy go lucky guy. My girlfriend and I were looking to go on a budget trip around Nepal and Nepal High Trek was able to cater our needs to the budget we outlined. We went on a trek with him for 6 days Annapurna Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek and my excellent guide Anjan briefed us how the day would be before each hike. It made much easier to mentally prepare for each day. He made us feel like we were family right from the welcoming at the airport to the farewell at the end of the trip. We never felt pressured to do anything we didn’t want. Nepal High Trek had provided us fresh apple,orange,banana,drinking water and trekking gears.We were able to stop to take photos when we wanted. Having Anjan around felt more like having a helpful friend around who would show you all the secrets Nepal has to offer. I highly recommend anyone travelling to Nepal to talk to with Nepal High Trek and Anjan.

Country : Canada

Trekking : Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Start Date : 21/01/2016

Ending Date : 05/02/2016

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markDear Anjan,

I would like to thank you for the support you provided on our Journey. The three passes trek was by no means an easy feat but your professionalism and care for us over the 20 days was exceptional.

You attended to our every need by ensuring our safety along the trek, not only sourcing excellent accommodation but also monitoring our health and being on a constant vigil for any altitude related issues. You paced the trekking to our ability and managed each day to ensure we walked within our personal capabilities.

Your knowledge of the region was excellent and you proved to be a wealth of knowledge of the cultural and environmental aspects along the trek.

Your experience as a guide ensured we had a wonderful journey and I highly recommend to anyone considering a trek in the Annapurna region and Everest region of Nepal.

Thank you once again,

Mark and Andrea

Name: Mark Heuston
Country: Australia

Trekking Region : Everest base camp via Three pass trek

Date : 23/09/2014

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I just returned from a two week trip through Nepal with six other friends. We had an absolutely incredible time, and it was primarily due to Anjan’s Nepal High Trek .We did a seven days trek up to and down from Annapurna Circuit trek, as well as a two night stay by Chitwan National Park. For the Poon Hill Trek, the one time fee covered meals, lodging, and guides, and the only additional costs we paid were for small snacks like Snickers and Mars bars we purchased along the trekking route and beers at night. Anjan and Nepal High Trek provided for us prime services as like a fresh fruit, quality food, good accommodation, perfect trekking guide, Hot water during the trek and competitive cost. We had a beautiful time in Chitwan.The one time fee for the Chitwan stay covered our meals, lodging, Elephant ride safari, Jungle walk, canoe ride, Tharu cultural dance show, as well as pick up and drop off from the bus center. To say that Anjan and his team went above and beyond their duties is an understatement. Not only did they make sure we had everything we needed and enjoyed our trek and time at Chitwan, they also made sure all our transportation to and from Kathmandu/Pohkara/Chitwan was scheduled and that we wouldn’t have any issues getting to each city. Anjan even spent the last night with us for dinner at OR2K, and took us out for some Nepalese sweets before our flight. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from Nepal, but Nepal High Trek was absolutely one of the best trekking company in Nepal.. I’m looking forward to my next trip back to Nepal and my next trek with Anjan and Nepal High Trek. We feel so proud and lucky because off we have got best organizer trekking company in Nepal…. Thank you Very much,Anjan & NHT  family !

Name: Dr. Jurva 
Country: USA, Hawai

Trekking Region:Annapurna Circuit Trek

Date : 09/05/2013

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we have got good opportunity from Nepal High Trek because of  we have got from  NHT  supreme service and excellent organizing.organizing. Anjan was an awesome guide for us two years ago. Other Trekkers doing the same Langtang valley trek would seek Anjan’s advice over various matters even though they had their own guides. Anjan was incredibly competent, well informed, very caring of me, my husband and son and he was great fun. I highly recommend Nepal High Trek and Anjan.

Name: Brian Fryer
Country: Australia, Brisbane

Trekking Region : Langtang Valley Trek

Date : 21/10/2010

Contact Email: 


In 2012  I completed the Annapurna Circuit Trek walk over about 21 days with two friends (we are all over 50 years old) and with Anjan as our guide. As a professional tour guide in Australia I know how hard it is to make such a trip work and I recommend him without reservation. We had the best time of our lives and throughout the walk Anjan was a complete professional making it one of the most carefree holiday of my life. Apart from being a great and friendly source of information on the country and its people, he smoothed out all the little problems that come up on this kind of adventure. Thanks so much Anjan and Nepal High Trek Team.

Name: Cliff Hobden
Country: Australia, PO Box 988 Gymea NSW Australia 2227 

Trekking Region : Annapurna Circuit Trek

Date : 05/03/2010

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I traveled to Nepal two years ago with my parents and completed the Langtang valley Trek with over two weeks with Anjan as our guide. We all played dice games together and had a load of fun but what impressed me most was Anjan’s knowledge of the area, the culture and the trek. Anjan’s calm confidence was always reassuring particularly when my mother got altitude sickness. A beautiful and memorable experience. I’ve recommended Anjan to friends and he would be my first choice if and when I will return to soon in Nepal. we had a wonderful time with Anjan.

Name: Harry Gooley

Country: Australia, NSW 

Trekking Region : Langtang Valley Trek with Gosainkunda Trek

Date : 27/09/2010

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Ghorepani poon hill trek “Lieber Anjan, das Trekking mit dir war super! Es hat uns sehr viel Spaß gemacht! Die Kombination aus Abenteuer, Natur und Wandern ist ideal zum Abschalten! Du bist ein großartiger Führer!!!”

Name: Rajan Riv Turck

Country: German,Munich

Trekking Region : Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Mobile No :0408709616

Date : 27/10/2011

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My stay in Nepal has been made pleasant with the help and hospitality From Nepal High Trek particular Anjan who has guided me thought my treks and showed me the local culture of the people of Nepal. we have done four years before Annapurna base camp trek . Nepal High Trek is chief  cost and best trekking company in Nepal.During the trek we had a lot fun and enjoyed.I wish I could have stayed longer. Many thanks to all who have made my stay in Nepal so pleasant. Please don’t miss but on Anjan’s teaching of the local cultural, Buddhism and Hinduism religious Something I will not forget.i would like highly recommend to Anjan and Nepal High Trek!!

Name: Claire Hanrahan

Country: Australia, Melbourne

Trekking Region : AnnapurnaBase Camp  Trek

Date : 09/10/2010

Contact Email:

In 2010, my son, husband and I did the Langtang valley Trek with Anjan as our amazing guide. His knowledge of the area was extensive, including walking expectations, weather and terrain conditions, and the best places to stop, rest, eat and sleep. So much so, that other Trekkers called on his advice despite having their own guides.He is very acknowledge and expert mountain guide. On the trek Anjan was nurturing, fun and extremely amicable with everyone. He had a very endearing personality, and over the two week trek he became a member of our family. I highly recommend Anjan to anybody considering undertaking any trek in Nepal.

Name: Vanda Gooley

Country: Australia, NSW

Trekking Region : Langtang Valley trek with Gosainkunda pass Trek

Date : 09/10/2011

Contact Email:  


We have known Anjan, Tour operator at Nepal High Trek for 10 years and have come to Nepal for 5 treks, including the Annapurna Circuit trek,Annapurna base camp trek, langtang trek and Manaslu Circuit Trek. We have found Nepal Everest Base camp Treks to be a very professionally operated and totally trustworthy Nepalese company. my guide Dorje Sherpa cared my old mother that i respected always Nepal all staffs are ensured we had good accommodation and have always been happy to share their knowledge of Nepal with us. We have thoroughly enjoyed all our treks with NHT. If anybody would like travel to Nepal,please select to Your Best and experienced travel agency Nepal High Trek.

Name: Andrew Wadsley

Country: England,Manchester United

Trekking Region : Annapurna Circuit Trek

Date : 01/10/2009

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I have done 3 trek with Anjan and Nepal High Trek Langtang gosainkund Trek,Everest Base Camp Trek and Island peak climbing and Annapurna circuit Trekking 5 years before in Nepal.That’s was wonderful and lifetime trip in my life .Due to weather conditions we had to change our plans and return to Besi shair and then do the Annapurna Base Camp with a few extra places along the way. My guide was Anjan and he was so helpful. When our itinerary had to change he was helpful, suggested other options and did what he could to make the best of a situation beyond all human control. Anjan is very proud of his country and willing to share all his knowledge and experience with his clients.Nepal High Trek is trustworthy ,takes all responsibility and all problems The staff at Nepal High Trek are very helpful and willing to help you with any information or anything else you may need. I would highly recommend this agency as they are professional, competent and helpful! I will definitely be back and trekking with them in the future.

Name: Robert Francisco

Country: USA, California 

Trekking Region : Annapurna Circuit Trek,Langtang valley with Gosainkunda Trek,Everest three pass trek with Island peak

Date : 12/09/2010

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