The Best Tips For Trekking in Nepal

The Best Tips For Trekking in Nepal

The best tips for Trekking in Nepal with the Nepalese guide is the best suggestion for absolute beginners from the perspective of the experienced trekking agency. It necessarily does not mean that one cannot trek in Nepal without a guide but trekking with the skilled team members is safe and knowledgeable. And bear in mind that the of the best companies will be humble to provide you the desired service.

Many of the beginners might have a series of queries about trekking in Nepal like “how is it like trekking in Nepal? trekking in Nepal with a low budget? Best time for trekking in Nepal? and many more.  But rest assured we would satisfy all the curiosity you have in your mind. Nepalis the only country in the world, consisting of people with a blend of Chinese, Indian, and Tibetan culture, and tradition. The majority of the people are Hindu by religion but most of them combine the concept of Buddhism for their entire life. Trekking is mean to be experienced, not to be dreamt off.

If you are keen to do the hike to Nepal then you need the best tips for trekking in Nepal may be the simple one that is not hard, can be done by a normal healthy person. This kind of trekking usually follows the cultural trail and heritages with fabulous scenarios of the snow-capped mountains, flowing stream, and the impressive lakes. The other kind of trekking includes the adventurous trip to the world-famous Trekking region like Everest, AnnapurnaLangtang, Manaslu, and many more. Usually, trekking of Nepal includes a long walk along the traditional trail, not rock climbing or mountaineering.

However, trekking in Nepal is the most excellent option for those who wanted to watch the famous mountains of the world. It would not be wrong to say that Nepal is quite affordable and easy to access from any part of the world. Even students and volunteers could make a short trek due to its reasonable price.

Well, the budget of trekking depends upon many factors which are given below:

1) Destination of your treks to Nepal:

Honestly, your entire budget for trekking highly depends upon the target place. That place might either be remote, adventurous or easy to access. Usually trekking on higher mountainous region needs cost more than that of the lower region. Some popular treks and typical prices for famous packages trekking in Nepal.

2) Cost of Guide and Porter:

As I have mentioned before one can trek without a trekking guide in Nepal but we don’t recommend doing so until you are an experienced trekker. And while trekking in higher altitudes in the mountainous region the guide and porter are always your valuable asset.

The cost of guide ranges from $20 – $50 per day depending upon the season of trekking, trekking duration, and the types of the trekking route. The same things go on porter and their cost is about $15 – $25. “Anybody who wanted skip dangerous icefall or rockfall and freezing in cold to the end”, please hand over the amount for your safety because life is not worthy to a little amount of money.

3) Cost of Trekking Termit:   

A trekking permit is a must for trekking in Nepal. The permit can be received after paying some fines in the office of the Nepal tourism board. Fines needed to pay there also depend on your destination. We are not going into detail about permit but you have to stick with our page for detailed information.

And one more thing you should understand is that a special trekking permit is needed to trek in the restricted area of Nepal. Some of them may charge $500 per day like in the upper mustang and Dolpo region. But don’t worry if you are trekking in the non-restricted area the cost of permit might be very inexpensive like $30 to $40.

4) Cost of Accommodation:

Depending upon the service provided the cost of accommodation greatly varies from lodge to lodge. Moreover, the altitudes, season, and trekking trails also greatly affect the price of lodging.

Many tea houses or lodge of the popular route provide the standard comfort and services. It would be better to contact the trekking companies for better service with fair costs.

5) Cost of food and drinks:

Generally, foods are expensive at higher altitudes due to its difficulty in shipping the materials. As the rocky mountain of Nepal is not fully accessible by transportation even the price of water goes up. Talking about the menu of the food and drinks most of the tea house offers basic local meals. Dal Bhat appears in tiny places as it is a usual meal for everyone. Anyway food becomes more limited and more expensive as you go higher.

Lastly, the cost of trekking in Nepal is highly influenced by the preferences of the trekker. Plus there might be miscellaneous expenditure like charity, shopping so it’s better to avoid fancy equipment for shopping. Any way of having good travel insurance for your trek is the best thing forever as it covers many tough situations.

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