The Different Between ABC and EBC Trek

The Different Between ABC and EBC Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek (ABC) and Everest Base Camp Trek (EBC) both destinations are the most preferred trip in Nepal. These two treks are the most desired trek and probably 2/3 of tourists who visited Nepal had trekked both ABC and EBC.  Everest base camp located in eastern Nepal is named after Mount Everest whereas ABC is famous for Mount Annapurna.

The Different Between ABC and EBC Trek

Most people believe that one should trek to the Annapurna base camp to gain some experience before attending the Everest base camp trek, which is a kind of true fact. However, it is a bit problematic to make the decision between EBC and ABC Trek. But you don’t need to worry as we are going to make it easier. So let us look at the detailed factors of these treks to make wise decisions.

Scenic Beauties of Annapurna & Everest

Awesome mountains and glaciers are the major attraction of these two trekking as the Annapurna and Everest both the trek lie in the Himalayan region of Nepal. The way to this trekking contends with the magnificent chain of snowcapped mountains with localities passing by carrying their heavy loads and smiling with their Nepalese ascent. So it is really tough to say which of these treks is the best for scenic beauty. Anyway, we have to say that both the trek are rich in scenic beauty in their own way and they are not necessarily similar.

Mount Everest is the main attraction of the EBC trek. Additionally, If someone is eager to cherish the air of the cold mountains and the view of the Himalayan ranges I bet the EBC trek is the next step towards it. And the view of Mount Everest from the Kala Patthar is so fascinating that anyone can be bewitched by its beauty. Not only Everest but others peak above 8000m like Mount Cho Oyu, mt. Lhotse can be viewed from the base camp and the famous peak Ama Dablam can be watched.

Annapurna Trekking Region

Annapurna region being the largest area for exploring, it is obviously rich in natural beauty including the green dark forests and ever-glowing rivers and fountains. Annapurna base camp trek makes anyone revive within oneself from the freshness of the environment. I bet even paradise cannot be compared with the Annapurna area. Moreover, not only ABC Trek, but other trekking like Ghorepani poon hillAnnapurna Circuit, Nar Phu Valley, Tilicho lake trek, Mardi Himal Trek, and many more of the Annapurna region also offer a scenario that relieves one’s eye.


As Annapurna base camp and Everest base camp lie in the mountainous region of Nepal, the weather is always cold and dry all year. Therefore it’s better to pack up warm clothes before getting worst and we can also conclude that the temperature would become very low in the winter season.

The altitude of the Annapurna base camp is 4130m and that of the Everest base camp is 5364m. It indicates that the Everest region is always colder than the Annapurna region at any time of the year. moreover, the Everest trek has a lower temperature of -200c during the winter season whereas the Annapurna base camp has a minimum temperature of -80c in the winter.

So if you are going to trek in the winter, ABC might be far better than the EBC trek. Besides the best time for trekking, as we experienced in the spring and autumn season where one doesn’t need to worry about heavy snow blocking the trails and the rains making them slippery.

Finally, we can say that being part of the Himalayan region both the ABC and EBC trek is almost dry and cold all over the year. But while comparing each of the 14  Days Everest base camp tends to be more frosty than the Annapurna base camp due to the huge difference in altitude.

Facilities Along The Trail

Both the trekking region has improved a lot in a few years in terms of infrastructure like accommodation, food, transport, power supply, and other services. Furthermore, accommodation is simple lodge-like and they would also provide you a menu of many local foods with few western foods.

You know that the internet and power supply were very far to be reached as long ago, there were no even facilities like transportation. One has to make a trip from the place called Jiri to arrive at the Lukla and the total trekking duration would be nearly a month. it was the same in the Annapurna region while many got used to frostbite due to lack of proper accommodation.

We are so much fortunate that we have access to the airways, internet, power supply, a very good lodging. To conclude I would say that similar facilities are given in 7 Days ABC Trek as well as 14 Days EBC trek. Some might find accommodation in the Everest region more luxurious but Annapurna is neither uncomfortable.

Culture & Practices

Nepal being a small nation has a variety of practices and traditions all over the country. And it is sure that the Annapurna region in the midwestern part of Nepal would offer something, unlike the Everest trek.

Almost everything like scenery, infrastructure, and weather sounded similar between the two EBC and ABC treks but in the case of culture, it is totally unexpected. It also proves that all the people in the Himalayans is not necessarily sherpas.

well, sherpas are the tribes that only reside mainly in the Khumbu area of the Everest region and they all practice Tibetan Buddhist culture and tradition whereas the Annapurna region is combined with the Gurung, Magar, Thakali, Tamang, and Bhote people. Nepal High Trek & Expedition Team would like to inform you that if you’re interested to extend the trek then you can head to Gokyo Lake, Island Peak, Everest Three High Passes Trek, and Gokyo Chola Pass Trek.

One will find that people in the Annapurna region have faith in Hinduism as well as Buddhism unlike in part of Everest. I think it would be better if you trek both places in order to observe their eccentric tradition and social lifestyle.

Level of Difficulty

ABC and EBC Trek both are moderate-adventure treks, anyone with proper guidance and good health can surely complete the trek. But keep in mind not to attain the greater high in a day while the mountain acute sickness might be seen if you ignored it. And if there is a possibility to develop altitude sickness, one should avoid going higher and try to move in the lower altitude region.

Altitude sickness is seen as we go above 3000m and there is a very low chance of sickness in the ABC trek but most place of the Everest region is higher in altitude than that of the Annapurna. Though ABC trek has higher altitude places, many trekkers become sensitive only in the Everest region.

Last but not least these trekking are not that difficult and to avoid illness from altitude one should not try to reach higher in a short time. So it’s better to hire a good guide from the agency rather than risk your life.

Our Final Suggestion

We are pretty sure that you had already made up your mind to choose which trek on the basis of the factors given above. Honestly, our team always loved both trekkings because the places in the trek are actually gorgeous in their own way.

And if you are a beginner and inexperienced we suggest you be part of the Annapurna base camp trek as we mentioned above. For this reason, one can develop acute mountain sickness if he or she is inexperienced and trekking directly in the Everest region might also be hard. And our one more final say is that both treks are not well suited to be compared but they are meant to be explored. one day you will surely find they both are better than each other in a different way.

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