The Ultimate Langtang Trekking Guide

The Ultimate Langtang Trekking Guide

The Ultimate Langtang Trekking Guide allows visitors to understand the nature of trekking trails, culture, and beautiful landscapes. Trekking around the Langtang Himal massif range leads you north from the capital Kathmandu to the starting point of the trek at Syabrubesi. A lively small farm town located within the district of Rasuwa around the Langtang Himalaya range.

Moreover, take a drive of a maximum of 6 hours through Dhunche, the main town, and headquarters of the Rasuwa district. The Langtang Himal region offers various trekking and exciting adventure destinations, where one can enjoy it for a week or more. Langtang Himalaya is located in the Central Himalaya range of Nepal between massifs of Ganesh Himal in the west. Jugal Himal towards the east with an array of snow peaks, includes close views of mountains across the border in Tibet.

Wonderous Experiences in the Langtang Region of Nepal

Langtang Region is the nearest mountain range to the capital of Kathmandu. It has surrounded by the stunning Langtang Himalaya ranges can be seen from Kathmandu city on a fine clear fine day. Langtang region falls with Langtang National Park, the first mountain park of Nepal, established in 1976. Around the Langtang Himalaya region, where one can witness great bio-diversity with varied landscapes, climates, vegetation, and local cultures.

Langtang region, is a scenic area of high snow-capped peaks, beautiful valleys, and high green hills covered in a lovely forest. The Langtang region is also an ideal habitat for mountain wild animals and various species of bird life. The country where rare and elusive Red Panda and Snow Leopard are often seen on walks around Langtang areas. The Ultimate Langtang Trekking Guide leads to great scenic walks to the picturesque Langtang Valley at Kyanjin. Located above 3,749 m / 12,371 feet high, a lovely settlement with many nice lodges and guest houses.

At Kyanjin spend a day exploring its scenic viewpoint hills Kyanjin-Ri or Tserko-Ri at 4,700 m. A perfect spot to capture panoramic views of the Langtang Himal range and beyond as far as eyes can reach. The other best destination in the Langtang Himal region is the trek to Gosainkund holy ponds at 4,381 m / 14,375 feet. From here one can continue walks crossing the high Gosainkund pass over 4,609 m /15,100 feet high.

Ganja La Pass Trek

Following the ridge line downhill and on a gradual path reaching the northeast valley rim of Kathmandu. The other alternative is to walk down to Sing Gompa and towards Dhunche town and drive back to Kathmandu.

Besides, Langtang region areas provide moderate country and cultural walks around the Tamang Heritage Trail. Travelers can enjoy and get immersed in the lovely culture by visiting the villages of Tamang, the indigenous tribes of Langtang, and the Central Himalayas. Trekkers can also enjoy an exciting adventurous thrill around Langtang areas crossing the high Ganja-La Pass, and down to the Helambu region.

Various interesting destinations to choose from around Ultimate Langtang Himal range from moderate, adventurous to challenging trekking. One of the best Himalayan destinations for all types of adventure holidays to experience around Langtang Himal.

Langtang Valley to Kyanjin Trek  

Langtang Valley is an extremely beautiful and the third most popular trek around Nepal Himalayas, after the ABC trek and EBC trek. A moderate adventure of 7 nights and 8 days trekking to Langtang Valley at Kyanjin. A marvelous country walks as well as exploring lovely Tamang villages on a route enriched with age-old cultural heritage.

Reaching Kyanjin at 3,749 m high, located in the heart of picturesque Langtang Valley. Normally trekkers spend an extra day exploring its beautiful areas with a climb to view-point hills. A wonderful experience trekking to Langtang Valley, where all types of visitors and age-group can enjoy. The trek to Langtang Valley at Kyanjin includes drives both ways and can extend the itinerary by combining with Gosainkund holy lake.

Langtang Valley & Gosainkunda Trek

Langtang Valley & Gosainkund Trek is a marvelous adventure walk that leads first toward beautiful Langtang Valley at Kyanjin. Walking through lovely forested trails and traditional Tamang villages and then reaching Kyanjin, where one can enjoy a wonderful time. Spending an extra day for a hike around its scenic viewpoints, as well as for acclimatization, before heading to higher terrain to Gosainkunda.

Gosainkunda Trek

From Langtang Valley return to walk on the same trail to Lama Hotel, where the route diverts towards Gosainkunda. A climb leads to Thulo Syabru and then uphill into a dense forest of rhododendron and pine trees to Sing Gompa. After an overnight at Thulo Syabru village and Sing Gompa a small settlement, walk heads higher. As the climb continues facing the grand vista of Langtang, Ganesh, and Manaslu Himalayas, as far as the Annapurna Mountain range.

The trail leads higher where tree lines drop for smaller alpine bushes heading towards Laurabinaya. Finally, the walk reaches the holy lakes of Gosainkunda, enclosed by towering rocky cliffs and snow peaks. Enjoy the beautiful setting of the sacred pilgrimage spot, where the annual religious festival is held at Gosainkunda.

Thousands of Hindu pilgrims and devotees venture to the holy Gosainkunda for prayer and worship, as well as a dip, and bathe in the lake. Gosainkunda apart from being a religious site is also a mystical and pleasant delightful spot at 4,381 m high.

Spending time at a tranquil location around scenic Gosainkund, one can extend the trek heading towards Helambu and Kathmandu. Take a high route crossing Gosainkunda pass over 4,609 m, or return on the same trail downhill to Sing Gompa. Then continue the descent to Dhunche town and drive back to Kathmandu after an enjoyable time in Langtang Valley & Gosainkund.

Langtang Valley to Kathmandu via Gosainkunda Pass

An exciting way to reach Kathmandu Valley and the city suburb, for people with time to enjoy a complete trek. Total days of two weeks duration after visiting beautiful Langtang Valley and holy Gosainkund. From Gosainkund climb towards Gosainkund Pass, also called East Laurabinaya-La at 4,609 m, which offers spectacular views of amazing landscapes. As well as stunning snow-capped peaks, as the walk leads to a steep up and long descent.

Following the forest path towards the Helambu area at Kutumsang and Gul-Bhanjyang, nice villages then continue to walk to Chisapani high ridge. Staying last overnights before reaching Sundarijal, situated northeast of Kathmandu valley rim. Chisapani at 2,245 m offers grand sunrise and sunset views over an array of Himalayan mountain ranges.

From Chisapani enjoy the panorama of Langtang, Jugal Himal with Ganesh Himal as far as the Annapurna Himalaya range. A lovely walk downhill through the beautiful forest, then reaching Sundarijal for a short drive to Kathmandu and back at your hotel.

Tamang Heritage Trail

Langtang Himal region, besides other popular trekking destinations, also provides elusive and wonderful places, away from main trails. Tamang Heritage Trail starts from Syabrubesi village, after an interesting drive from Kathmandu, starting the walk on an elusive, hidden trail. The trek follows to the exciting and lovely traditional village of Gatlang enriched with ancient cultures of Buddhism heritage.

Tamang Heritage Trail

Staying overnights in Home-Stay huts and cottages run and managed by the Tamang communities of Gatlang village. Explore the village with time to observe the local immense traditional custom of great cultural interest. The walk continues to Tatopani a village with a hot spring and then heads towards Nagethali Hill at 3,165 m high. Offers a superb panorama of the surrounding high snow-mountain range, and then walks downhill to Syabrubesi to end the adventure.

The best seasons for Langtang Himal region Trekking:

The best seasons for the Langtang trekking region, are spring and autumn/fall times. The spring begins from March till May when most days are fine and clear for views and walks. Can get cloudy afternoon sometimes with cold morning and night times, depending upon altitude wise. Springtime is lively with wildflowers in the blooming season, especially the rhododendron of various species from trees to a bush.

The next best time is autumn/fall, most days are fine and clear for pleasant walks. As well as excellent views of Central Himalayan peaks, but days are much short due to sunlight hours. Cold morning, late afternoon, and night times can get snowfall sometimes.

The Ultimate Langtang Trekking Guide

For treks to the Langtang area where all visitors require a trekking permit called TIMS (Trekking Information Management Systems). Includes Langtang National Park entry ticket, all necessary permits will be collected by your local trekking agencies in Kathmandu.

Around the Langtang area, where one can travel solo or as free individual traveler, but is best to have a guide and porter. For safe and enjoyable trekking, booking with local trekking agents provides you with Government licensed guides and porters.

On booking, all trekking packages include permits, three-time meals, wages, and food for the guide, including transportation.

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