Trekking in Nepal with kids

Trekking in Nepal with kids

Trekking in Nepal with kids might be a dream for many adventurous parents, especially those who have trekked in Nepal before. Not only for adventurous moms and dads but for a normal family trip children might be somehow bothered by Himalayan trails. Trekking might sound hard and full of challenges, but you know many parents have had traveled with toddlers and early teenagers in the Himalayas of Nepal.

Moreover, many trekkers in their 20s trek to Nepal without a hiking experience. All you need is careful planning and informed preparations to Trek in Nepal either with kids, friends, family, or seniors.

How to Prepare for Trekking with Children in Nepal?

While Trekking in Nepal with kids, the first thing you must do is to choose the right trekking route, according to the age of your child, you can decide the Trekking route, itinerary, and Trekking speed. If a child is above the age of 7 or 8, he can walk for Trek. But we won’t advise you to choose long high-altitude treks as the kids are more prone to altitude sickness.

Besides, porters can help you to carry your child in a Nepalese basket called “Doko” and if not for carrying babies, you can hire them to carry your loads. I am certain that they are pretty helpful.

If your little ones are active, used to trying new foods, and open to weekend walking, Nepal is the best place for them to experience. Shorter Treks like Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, short Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Everest View Trek, and the Ghandruk village trek are convenient for children as well as for seniors too. But keep in mind that don’t expect the Trekking in Nepal to be luxurious.

After choosing the right trekking route, you should pack the necessary clothes, equipment, gears, medicines, and toiletries along with the required papers, insurance, and documents.

You could choose a Trekking agency to organize the trek completely or collaborate with them to hire trekking guides and porters for yourself. You can also trek independently in Nepal with your kids. Just be sure about accommodations, food, transportation, and trekking distance. If you are going to trek independently, you will find more helpful tips on searching online, and best of luck for independent trekkers.

Health Problems during Trekking in Nepal with kids

When Trekking and Hiking in Nepal, you should not ascend higher than 500m per day, as the children need more rest. Not only for rest but also for preventing Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), acclimatization is very important. Generally, the elder trekkers also spend their two days on Namche Bazaar and Dingboche for higher altitude treks like Everest Base Camp Trek.

If you see symptoms like Headache, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness, you should not compromise, return to the low altitude immediately. Since the symptoms of AMS are various, you can carry medicine by consulting with the guide or medical person in Kathmandu before attending the trekking.

Besides, altitude sickness there may seem other problems like giardia, allergy, and gastro illness. We won’t tell you to use normal water available in villages or while on the trekking route. Since the children are curious about anything and they might use water without treating it with chlorine. This might cause diarrhea and vomiting at the same time as the environment and water in Nepal are different.

So, always be with your children to look up to their movements and use filtered or chlorine-treated water to avoid unnecessary problems.

What are the accommodations like?

Usually, accommodations in the trekking area of Nepal are teahouse type which is generally run by a local family. You are expected to eat at the same teahouse and lodges. Rooms are generally two-bedded having no heat burners with share toilets and a bathroom. Some Trekking lodges had western toilets while most of them have squat toilets with no toilet papers. Cold Showers are free but you have to pay extra for the hot showers as well as for heaters in the room. Beds are not much luxury type but are sleep-friendly. Though the teahouse owner provides a quilt or blanket it’s better to have a sleeping bag to stay away from cold.

What is there for food?

While Trekking with kids food is also a major concern part. Basic foods with limited choices are available along most trekking routes. You can see “Daal Bhaat” a typical Nepali food which means rice and lentils everywhere on the menu. It is pretty good food to gain energy for the walk. The breakfast usually has Tibetan bread, toast, jam, porridge, and eggs. If you are fortunate you can have French fries, basic pasta, popcorn, momos, and Chowmein(Nepalese noodles).

Foods are relatively expensive in comparison to the city area but compared to western, prices are still cheap. If your kids are fond of Junk food, it’s better to carry them from Kathmandu. Furthermore, if you can have chocolates to boost up the spirit of the child from time to time, children will be sure motivated.

Anyway, foods are similar along with most of the trekking areas which are amazingly good for energy and appetite. Generally, breakfast and lunches are mixers of Western and Nepalese styles.

How much will it cost?

Trekking in Nepal doesn’t need a huge amount but it depends on what style you choose. As I told you before, you can trek independently, co-operatively with a Trekking agency, and can choose an organized Trek. Furthermore, the trekking region and timeframe also differ in the cost of Trekking.

It would be a maximum of USD 1500 per max to trek with children. If you are choosing a short easy route price might be just USD 900 per person.

Usually, you have to pay $25- 30 USD per day for a trekking guide and $18 – 25 USD for porters depending on the trekking trails and services. Other, expenditure goes on mountain flights (for trekking like Everest Base Camp) and trekking permits for Conservation areas.

What time is the best for trekking with kids?

Throughout the whole year, spring(March to early June) and autumn(August to November) are the best time for any kind of Trekking. Since the monsoon and rainy season make the water polluted and irritate on walking, so Trekking is not worth it. And cold in winter blocks the way with snow which eventually makes it hard for children.

So, Trekking in spring and early winter is considered to be the best. Exceptionally, trekking in the Upper Mustang region or Manaslu Trekking region is good in monsoon.

In addition to this, Trekking time can be of any length according to your choice. But we consider At least a week’s timeframe( short and easy trek) is essential for Trekking in Nepal with kids to explore at an average pace.


Trekking in Nepal with kids is not hard and bothers as long as you manage and prepare very well. Whether the Trek is hard or easy it’s up to your comfort with a trekking route, altitude, remoteness, and walking. We Nepal High Trek & Expedition Pvt. Ltd looks forward to arranging the Trekking in Nepal suitable for seniors and children in the Himalayas of Nepal with quality service.