Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is a paradise for Himalayan hikers. Nepal’s natural beauty makes it the most popular country on earth for walkers. Additionally, adventure lovers visiting Nepal have so many choices to make. Trekkers can choose to sleep in comfortable hotels with heaters. Hikers with simple tastes can opt for cozy teahouses. Trekking in Nepal is all about mountains and stunning landscapes.

In other words, the Himalayas attract a large number of trekkers globally. For example, mountain lovers mainly trek to Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Manaslu Circuit, Langtang Valley, and Upper Mustang Trek. However, walkers with experience choose tougher trips to Dolpo and Manaslu base camps. On the other hand, Trekking Nepal in autumn is simply wonderful. We get to view some extraordinary scenery and lovely weather. The special views are truly heartwarming at this time. Above all, Nepal is also home to eight of the top ten highest peaks on Earth.

Trekking Nepal is not only about mountains, it’s much more…

Nepal’s beauty is one of the most unique on earth. And it’s not only the mountains that show us that. Nature’s natural beauty and the shy animals that wander around add to the enjoyment of trekking. Similarly, trekking in spring offers stunning views of different colorful flowers in bloom. In addition to this are the lush green forests hikers walk through on the trails. These forests are also home to some rare birds.

Their sweet chirping melodies warm the hearts of trekkers. Nepal’s trails never fail to keep you happy. The trails lead visitors to olden mountain monasteries. Monks peacefully chant prayers that echo around the mountains. It’s also pleasant to see clumsy yaks with tinkling bells hanging from their necks. These hard-working yaks haul goods to charming villages far off from the outside world. When you trek in Nepal you get a true feel of the wild.

Above all, perhaps, are the culture, customs, and best of all – the friendly welcoming natives. Their exceptional lifestyles open up lasting relationships with trekkers. Trekking is the most popular way to discover and come into close contact with this country. Different landscapes and small alpine villages sit in the laps of leafy valleys. In these quiet villages open people of different cultures & lifestyles introduce us to some charming sights.

We get to experience typical mountain countryside ways of life. Trekkers in Nepal experience much happiness with the surroundings they hike in. Most treks in Nepal generally include a walk of 10 to 15 Km per day. The group includes a guide, cook, Sherpa, porters, and sometimes yaks to carry goods. Mother Nature never fails to amaze you wherever you trek in Nepal.

Trekking is not just about reaching your destination, but more about soaking in the natural beauty. Furthermore, the colorful villages, amazing mountain views, and chatting with locals make trekking a special experience. Likewise, the journey also offers you a whole lot of stirring moments when trekking in Nepal.

Mountain weather can surprise you from one moment to the next…

In some ways, you can trek in Nepal year-round. But most trekkers choose to trek in spring and fall. Trekking in Nepal during the monsoons is surely not a good idea. However, in some rain shadow regions, trekking is possible. Dolpo, Tsum Valley & Mustang are some of the best treks for the monsoons. In some areas, the weather can stun you. You cross over snowfields in the morning.  On the other hand, enjoy a soothing steamy bath in warm streams in the afternoon. Most trekking trails don’t have markings. Nevertheless, locals travel well through them and these trails are well known.

Trekking in Nepal: What’s it like?

Nepal’s geography surprises many visitors heading to Nepal. For example, as you hike from east to west, you see the flatlands of the plains. Similarly, your eyes soak in its warm weather and lush vegetation. Further up on your trek, you climb up to icy slopes. You find yourself walking through some of the highest mountainous altitudes on Earth. This causes you to dig in for warmer clothes. It’s a heady mix that never fails to satisfy the adventurer. Moreover, backpackers are bound to experience a meeting with the most striking natural landscapes ever seen. Nature lovers delight in the thrills of the true spirit of adventure. This is what it’s like hiking the trails in the wilderness of Nepal’s mountains.

The types of Treks we have in Nepal:

Nepal is a ‘Trekkers’ Paradise’ on the world map for the adventure traveler. Trekking in its different styles is an increasingly popular activity in Nepal today. Because of this, over 300,000 trekkers visit the country yearly. Certainly, much of this is due to the friendly nature of the Nepali spirit. It is advisable to be more aware to the ways of Nepal. In being so, the close you will experience this wonderful country.

Nepal High Trek offers challenging, medium and light trekking on the most famous trails in the world. We also operate expeditions above 6000m on Nepal’s most popular peaks. There are two types of trekking in the country, they are:

Teahouse Trekking

This trek is made for individual clients and for budget travelers. These travelers prefer their treks to be a little more suitable to what they can spend. During this trek, all the meals & accommodations are provided at lodges.  In the local language, they are known as ‘Bhatti’. A guide/Sirdar and one porter will escort guests on these kinds of treks. For clear reasons, these treks also provide equal opportunity to enjoy views of nature. Hikers also especially experience culture & lifestyles while hiking through these trails.

Camping Treks offer richer services than Tea-House Treks because Camping Trekkers pay more.  However, the spirit of adventure is truly enjoyable in both types of treks. Both are greatly sought after throughout Nepal on its numerous mountains.

Camping Treks

These types of Treks have a lot of planning that goes into their operation. They are said to be wilderness ‘Camping Treks’. This trek provides an amazing environment to all trekkers’. During this trek, all the accommodations are made at the camp. The trekking crew members include the Sirdar, Guide, Cook, Sherpa, kitchen staff, and Porters. The crew takes care of all the necessary services that come with this highly organized camping trek. All types of equipment for the trek such as tents, dining tents, toilet tents, & shower tents are carried by porters. Also in the mix, we have chairs and tables, sleeping bags, mattresses, Ice-axe, and kitchen utensils. Nepal High Trek takes care of all this equipment.

Camping treks are highly adventurous & create a warm harmony among all guests. Sometimes trekkers strike up lifetime friendships that last forever. Many unmarried guests find their lifetime partners on these highly interesting camping treks.

Additionally, most hikers prefer to bunk out under starry moonlit skies at midnight. This is done under the protection of campfires lit around the tents. Campfires keep away hungry animals on the prowl. Start Planning your adventure holidays with Nepal high treks now. Enjoy the free wilderness which will live in your memories for a whole generation to come. Feel free to contact us at: We will be glad to serve you in ways that touch the heart.