When is the best time to trek Everest base camp?

When is the best time to trek Everest base camp?

When is the best time to trek to Everest Base Camp?

When is the best time trek to Everest base camp, a reasonable query to inform all interested adventurers and trekkers with great desire to be on the foot of world number one Mt. Everest. Nepal with four main season spring (March to May), summer (June to August) also includes monsoon wet months, autumn/fall (September to November), and winter (December to February). Of all good seasons around Nepal Himalaya for all types of adventure and leisure, scenic holidays. The best time trek to Everest base camp is in springtime from March, April, and May months.

During springtime, the temperatures are perfect with warm day till late afternoon where sunlight hours are longer than another season, only morning, evening, and nights are much colder. Springtime when wildflowers are in seasonal bloom with blankets of miniature flowers on valley and hills, with other wildflowers from tall trees to bush and shrubs.

Rhododendron (national flower of Nepal) of various species blooms during springtime from March till May, where hills above 3,000 meters high covered with lush vegetation and alpine green forest lined with rhododendron, oak, pine, juniper and fir trees. Spectacular views of high snow-capped peaks with great contrast of green hills are one of the best highlights during springtime trek to Everest base camp, where most days are clear for super mountain views and pleasant scenic walks.

Springtime, where hills and mid-hills are filled with lush green vegetation that adds more oxygen and moisture level, which is necessary and important on high altitude, walks to Everest base camp. Spring season although one of the best times, with much clear from morning till mid-afternoon, but can get overcast with blankets of clouds that cover the view of the mountain range with chances of snow sometimes on higher elevation.

The next best season for Everest base camp trek is autumn/fall starts from mid-September to November months, where days are crystal clear for a super panorama of the towering mountain range as well for nice pleasant scenic walks. Autumn one of right and best season for all Himalayan treks as well for adventure to Everest base camp, a perfect time where most days are clear for glorious scenery of beautiful landscapes and white snow peaks. A post-monsoon time in the early autumn season where hills are fresh with green vegetation with some small wild-flowers is in bloom, like Himalayan blue poppy (mycopnisis), iris, and gentian violets.

But from mid-autumn where trees begin to lose their leaf (that is why autumn also called as fall season), but much clear throughout the day from early morning till night time with the bright starry night sky. Morning and late afternoon can be much colder around this time trekkers can view beautiful sunrise and brilliant sunset over White Mountain that turns into golden hue with a touch of sunlight. Autumn a perfect time for Everest base camp trek, can be very cold morning and night time with chances of light snow sometimes, which makes a great wonderful picture of a glorious mountain range and dramatic landscapes.

Spring and autumn are the best time for 14 Days Everest base camp trek where thousands of adventurer, climber, and trekkers make the most of this good season and much popular time of the year. Another season but not the best depends upon travelers’ interest for botanist and naturalist, summer and monsoon time the best to explore around high hills of Everest and other Himalaya region. Where the hill and valley are lush with green vegetation a paradise for nature lovers enriched with exotic flora and fauna of different species.

Wintertime one can trek, where most days are clear for views of a high mountain range, but days are shorter with short sunlight hours can be very cold especially morning and night time without wind-chill factor. Nighttime with bright starry sky, one can enjoy a marvelous panorama of white snow mountains during full moon night in winter times.

When is the best time to trek to Everest Base Camp to related adventure and treks around Everest and Khumbu region where one can join in for wonderful trek to beautiful Gokyo valley and cross Cho-la pass to Everest base camp?

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