Why Do You Choose NHTE?

Why Do You Choose NHTE?

Why Do You Choose NHTE

Nepal High Trek & Expedition Pvt. Ltd is a reliable travel agency in Nepal. We offer quintessential to sumptuous travel packages within Nepal and beyond. Unwavering passion and relentless hard work for more than a decade have made us successful in the field of Nepalese tourism. Impeccable services and courteous hospitality are our strengths. Please allow us to knit a momentous vacation for you and your loved ones.

Nepal High Trek & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.! A Short Introduction 

Nepal High Trek & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. (NHTE) was founded in 2015 and has been successfully leading diverse trips around the Himalayas Nepal by an 15 years experienced guide. We have seen the traditional and modern tourism trends right in front of our eyes. In fact, we are the witness and factor of these changing trends. The agency is formed to cater to travel lovers across the globe.

The sole motto of the agency is to provide value of every penny investment done by our clients. Likewise, the agency believes that every holiday must become a legendary travel tale. By the grace of God, the agency is successful in doing so. So far we have organized successful trips for people from more than 40 countries. We are based in Kathmandu, Nayabazar-29, and Anyone can visit the office and get information about Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan Travel. Moreover, our travel planners are 24/7 available for services.

Simple words wouldn’t be enough to prove our mettle. Give us an opportunity and find out for yourselves. We are confident that you will love it and recommend us to your friends and family as well as many of our repeat clients. Based on the feedback given by our clients and the working philosophy we have, the following are our strengths:

Updated, Flexible & Diversified Itineraries

At Nepal High Trek & Expedition you can find a wide range of itineraries. We offer short trips, long trips, adventurous trips, family trips, and many more. We have a team of qualified travel planners who have designed alternative itineraries for each destination. Travelers can put their inputs into the itineraries. We are open to customizing the itinerary based on your preferences.

Simple things are the best ones. Yes, our itineraries are simple. Therefore, we have a high success rate even in high-altitude destinations. Enough acclimatization breaks to hygienic food services are key features of every travel package.

Nepal is a mountainous country. Landslides, floods, and avalanches are usual. Therefore, the itinerary has to be updated to avoid hassles. We always do research and find out the latest situation about the destination before finalizing the trip. Therefore, with us, the last-minute hiccups are a bare minimum.

Diverse Holiday Packages

You will find various types of holiday packages. Choose according to your preferences. We have a different specialized team to look after the different holiday styles. Over a decade of experience in the field of Nepalese Tourism has made us aware of the changing trends of traveling. Therefore, we offer different travel themes. Peak Climbing, Trekking, Private Tours, Helicopter Tours & Treks, Adventure Sports, Home Stay, Family, Cultural & Architectural, Educational, Pilgrimage, Volunteering, etc. are a few examples.

Local Crew Members

Most of the crew members of our team are from the destination. We recruit support crew members from the locality. This enables us to provide authentic information. Moreover, hiring people from the host place is our way of showing gratitude to the people of the region as well. It is also our contribution to sustainable tourism in Nepal.

Charity and Eco-Friendly Working Philosophy

Every year the agency spends 1/3 of its net income on charity work. Furthermore, during the off-season, we regularly provide training to our crew members and locals. From Kitchen Skill Development to Hospitality know-how, we provide all sorts of training to boost the level of services in the region.

We also sponsor stationery and educational materials for the children of marginalized communities. Our trekking guides always follow eco-friendly procedures while on a trek or tour. We believe that tourists or tour operators should leave their footprints but not litter. Organic food is the topmost priority in our menu and environment conservation is always in mind.

Safety and High Trip Success Rate

We believe that investment done in holiday by our valued clients is very precious. They need to get the value of their investment. Therefore, from the beginning of the trip to the end, our crew members always focus on your safety and trip success. We have been awarded the Tripadvisor excellent certificate and have received many contented reviews from worldwide clients.

After all, the tour is not only about visiting places but also about making friends. We always strive to be your reliable travel companion.

Zero Hidden Costs

Whatever is an agreed-upon reservation, we provide everything to our clients.  Read carefully about the terms and conditions of every travel package.

Over a Decade of Experience

We are built on a strong foundation. Most of our crew members rose from the rank of porters. Some are from Academic backgrounds as well. Over the course of time, we have changed ourselves as well to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Lots of hurdles have been crossed and lots of requirements were ticked. In every kind of harsh situation as well we are fully capable of operating a successful holiday for our valued clients.

Fixed Departures & Guides Preferences

The company has a huge pool of trekking guides. You can choose any guide of your liking. Moreover, we have numerous fixed departure dates. You can directly join any group for the trip. If you want to do a solo trip or in a group, there is always an option with us. There is nothing mandatory with us.