Why huge effected in Nepal Tourism Sector By COVID 19 ?

Why huge effected in Nepal Tourism Sector By COVID 19 ?

Do you see COVID – 19 and trekking as a related topics to be discussed? Why the huge effect in Nepal’s Tourism Sector By COVID-19? Or you just feel they are not connected and useless to talk over.

A lot of people know that the tourism industry has been a great backbone for economic sources in Nepal. And do you know that 99.9% of people don’t know that outbreak of the noble corona has hit hundreds of thousands of Nepalese who provide very minor services to the worldwide guest of Nepal?

Global Pandemic

No one ever thought about the outbreak of global pandemic diseases like COVID – 19 but this eruption was unexpected and is highly affecting the Nepal tourism sector of Nepal. As every individual need to remain inside the home, things like trekking and travel are better to avoid and as a saying goes “prevention is better than treatment”, one should stay safe at home.

And Have you ever thought about those porters who used to carry the large bag pack of the guest to the very difficult trails of the trek and those guides who were there to instruct the path for you? To the very challenging and popular trending treks like:

  1. Everest Base Camp Trek
  2. Annapurna Base Camp Trek
  3. Langtang Valley Trek
  4. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek
  5. Mardi Himal Trek
  6. Gokyo Lake Trek
  7. Everest Three Pass Trek
  8. Upper Mustang Trek
  9. Manaslu Circuit Trek, many brave guides and porters had served each guest of Nepal wholeheartedly. But due to the noble coronavirus, those people are forced to endure misfortunes and economic crises.

Covid-19 & Tourism in Nepal

Why the huge effect in Nepal Tourism Sector By COVID-19? It is true that not only the travel industry of Nepal is being crashed very badly but the world itself is being hit to a very great extent. Each corner of the travel industry like aircraft, lodges, hotels, and restaurants is being affected. Only trekking in Nepal and mountaineering were providing employment to more than 50000 Nepalese directly or indirectly. Everyone within this field is now surviving hard to feed their families and children. And we could do nothing just to pray the gods to stop this pandemic as soon as possible.

Covid-19 in Nepal

It has been expressed that travel and trekking added to the sum of 7.9% of the GDP of Nepal. Consequently, it shows the significance of the trekking company and the tourism industry in Nepal. Due to the noble corona and COVID – 19 travel and trekking would be hit very gravely to decline in the economy of the nation. As a result of consequence, just for a reason to uplift the economy of Nepal, the administration of Nepal must reinforce its proposal and recuperation plan to upgrade the trekking and travel industry along with each member supporting it till now.

Nepal Tourism Backed Again

Dream Now, Travel Later just be safe and strong. We hope the circumstance and tough situation back soon be normal and then you can do or whatever you like after COVID-19. If anyone needs further information please feel free to ask or email us anytime.

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