Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal a famous and popular country for all types of adventure from moderate to adventurous and challenging walks around the high mountains. Where you can enjoy reaching your exotic Himalayan destinations within a close backdrop of giant mountains. Nepal Trekking Himalaya, probably one of the world’s best adventure destinations in Nepal. Where trekkers can choose from day hike to a week trek and continue for two weeks or more facing ever-present grand and amazing views of high snow-capped peaks.

 Trekking in Nepal

Nepal offers most of the peculiar and spectacular scenarios in the world. Especially, Adventurous Trekking in Nepal may give you superb views. Plenty of trekking routes is offered in Nepal for trekking that may last for a day or less though most are considerably longer. Well, there are various kinds of trekking in Nepal that suit your budget, fitness level, and available time. So you can choose a suitable trekking route on the basis of budget, health state, and available time of yours.

Trekking in Nepal within Himalaya not just for the beautiful scenery of landscapes and mountains as the country offers great warm hospitality. You can find visiting its impressive rural farm villages with high Himalaya, enriched with age-old culture and old heritage farm life which makes  Nepal Trekking more interesting and fun.

Trekking in Nepal offers a wide range of scenic and cultural adventures from Nepal Far East to Far western Himalaya. Where most of the walks are popular within Nepal Mid-East and Mid-West within AnnapurnaEverest-Langtang and Manaslu areas. Besides scenic and main trekking routes. We offer varied destinations on off the beaten trails away from the mainstream trekking path to complete wilderness away from main villages and trekkers. It would be an enjoyable experience to accept their warm welcome, outgoing nature, general friendliness, and good humor.

Generalization on Trekking Season:

Dry season (from October to May) is considered to be the best season for trekking here in Nepal whereas the monsoon period (June to September) is claimed to be the worst time. October and November: the first two months of the dry season offer the best weather for trekking. As freshly washed by the monsoon rain the mountain scenery is crystal clear singing blue and the climate is still comfortably warm.

While  December, January, and February, in the cold trekking can be real endurance test and dangerous at high altitudes trekking like Everest base camp and Throng la on the Annapurna circuit. Often the ways are blocked by the snow. Even though some people claim that these months are still good for trekking and real exam for the adventurous guys. In March and April, dust starts to hang in the air as the weather has been dry for a long time which adversely affects the superb views. In spite, of poor visibility, wildflowers such as rhododendrons compensate for the Himalayan views.

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