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A Complete Manaslu Region Trekking Packing List

A Complete Manaslu Region Trekking Packing List

A complete Manaslu Region Trekking packing list provided with full information and details, required for the wonderful Manaslu circuit trek. Before packing and departing for Nepal one should know the rules, with the latest updated information and requirement for the Manaslu region.

The Manaslu Region trekking is the Upper area of the Manaslu region from the village of Jagat. Where trekkers must be aware and be informed that Upper Manaslu Valley till Dharapani village at Manang district. Falls within Restricted Areas of Nepal, once which was a forbidden country for foreign travelers.

Then it was opened for outside visitors from the year 1992 onwards. At the same time, the Manaslu region was designated as Manaslu Conservation Area Project known as MCAP for short. The MCAP was established in 1998 to conserve and protect its pristine environment and endangered wildlife.

Around Upper Manaslu Valley, where solo or individual travelers (FIT) are now allowed must be accompanied by a licensed guide. Recommended and Authorized by Nepal Government Tourism Department, as well from Regisrated local trekking agents.

All travelers must join with local reliable and Regisrated Company for Manaslu Trekking as well for other Restricted Areas. As well requires a minimum of 2-3 people for the trek to Upper Manaslu Region where special permits can be slightly higher. Than other normal trekking destinations, but Manaslu Region is worth visiting as an adventure of a lifetime experience.

In the early days when it was first opened for trekkers, where all group was accompanied by Government Liaison Officer. For the past few decades, it was not required, as the cost was higher paying all the expenses for a Liaison Officer. The only extra cost apart from trek packages is special permits, as well as MCAP and ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project).

As ACAP for after crossing Larke-La pass towards Manang region, which is under Annapurna Conservation Area Project. Until the trek ends at Dharapani village, which is on the route of famous Annapurna Circuit route.

Necessary Packing and carry for Manaslu Region

For the Manaslu Region trekkers depends upon the seasonal wise. What to pack and not need to carry unnecessary items as per the season. The local agent when booked for Manaslu Circuit trekking must have provided the list of gear required for the trekking.

Besides main items to pack as per the weight allowance limit on an international flight of an average of 20 kg per person. If it’s too much to carry from home countries and the hassle of limited weight allowance. Trekkers can easily buy or hire some gear in Kathmandu at general departmental stores, as well as in trekking shops. Like Sleeping Bags, Down / Duvet Jackets, Rain or windproof suits, warm socks, trekking trousers, fleece jackets, and much more.

The first thing to carry before packing your gear is travel documents and a legal passport not exceeding the expiry dates. Which should be of 6 months from the date of issue, the important papers are Travel & Medical Insurance.

A must and obligatory when traveling around remote high-altitude Himalayan destinations like the Manaslu region. On top of all necessary documents requires a medical report against Covid-19, which has nearly disappeared. But to be on the safe side, carry an immunization certificate against Pandemic, for further rules updates. The local company or agents will inform you of the latest Government rules for foreigners entering Nepal.

The Travel Insurance in case of bad unfavorable weather conditions, where trekking route might be diverted to other safe destinations. As well as if the trek is disturbed by political strikes and road conditions. Which can happen in any part of the world of a sudden change of government rules. In this type of situation, the local companies will be beyond their control and have to accept, whatever circumstance arises. These types of situations if happen can claim through your travel insurance for some reimbursement.

Similarly for Medical Insurance in cases of sudden illness like from altitude sickness or personal side of illness. Where you might need immediate evacuation to the nearest hospital like in Kathmandu by fastest transportation like Helicopter Service. This is when your Medical Insurance comes in, to cover your extra expenses incurred. After the above important information then come to the actual packing list from home for the wonderful Manaslu Tsum Valley with Larkya La Trekking.

Personal Trekking Gear

Important and necessary to carry a small medical kit for your personal use, as recommended and prescribed by your doctors. As well as mentioning your medical history. The first important item is that you buy and carry a good pair of trekking boots, sports shoes, and personal underclothing. Warm and light trousers for day walks as well for the evening cold night’s rest of the gear as follows.

Equipment & Clothing

Comfortable boots and trainers /sports shoes and clothing for strong hot sun on lower foothills. As well for freezing temperatures at night in the higher region, Shorts, skirts or lightweight trousers (for ladies). Includes T-shirt, long-sleeved cotton shirts, and sun hat.

During the evening and the higher altitudes, warm clothing will be needed.


Shorts or Skirts (for ladies): Light Cotton Trousers.

Breeches / Tracksuit Bottoms / Ultra Fleece Trousers.

Duvet / Down Jackets: (Down feathers or synthetic (required in autumn/winter

and early springtime)

Wool Balaclava, Wool Mitts: (required in autumn/winter and early springtime)

Waterproof:     Jacket and trousers

Sun Hats: 

Scarf:      Silk/Nylon, useful for keeping the sun off the back of your neck.

Sunglasses / Goggles:       Essential to get a pair that cuts out 100% UV rays

Sunscreen Cream: High protection factor 20 or high altitude glacier cream due to thin air the U/V is stronger in the sun.

Lip Slave/ Labisan:          Protection for the lips with a sunscreen

Water Bottle:                     A liter metal bottle to keep warm while at night time.

Toilet Items

Head Torches:                     Pretzel (recommended) -spare batteries and bulbs

Sewing Kit

Small Knife:                          Swiss army style – has many uses


Small Padlock:                    Useful for locking your kit/duffel bag

Money Belts


Thermarest:                         Or similar self-inflating mattress, gives a decadent luxury


Walking Poles:  Useful for crossing rivers and in snow and ice areas.

Most of the items can be bought or hired in Kathmandu on daily basis at a reasonable price, saving from the flight weight allowance. The packing also depends upon the season as well the length of journey as itinerary days wise.

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